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Thread: flash and html

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    Is it possible to have a flashmovie play on top of html text? I mean, if you have a regular html page with some text, can you then place the flashmovie right in the middle of the text so the text will partially be hidden under the movie?

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    you can use layers in HTML, if you know how to use a program like "Microsoft FrontPage" it will do it to.

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    I know there is a way to make the background of your flash movie transparent. I haven't tried it so I am not sure if it will work the way you want it to. I believe it was on one of the messageboards that has how to do it so if you search a little you may find it. Sorry I can't remember exactly where I saw it.

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    I just remembered where I saw the info for transparent background movies. It was on the Macromedia site.
    I cut and pasted in what they said to do.
    Good Luck

    The background of a Flash movie can be set to display as transparent, in some browser configurations. This allows the background color or image of the HTML page that contains the Flash
    movie to show through. However, this feature is only supported in Internet Explorer 4 or higher for Windows. The movie's background will not be transparent for users of Netscape
    Navigator for Windows and all Macintosh browsers.

    Transparent backgrounds are also not possible in a Flash standalone projector.

    Prepare the HTML page to make the Flash movie transparent:
    The HTML for a Flash movie can be easily created using the Publish Settings. The Publish Settings dialog box provides an option to affect the WMODE setting. The options selected in the
    Publish Settings will be added to the HTML source code automatically.

    Select File > Publish Settings and select the HTML tab.
    Choose "Transparent" in the WMODE setting to make the Flash movie's
    background disappear in IE4 and above on Windows.

    To edit an existing HTML page instead, add the following parameter to the OBJECT tag in the HTML code:

    <param name="wmode" value="transparent">

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    Have you tried using a pop-up window? If you do this, your HTML page will load, then your Flash movie will pop up in a separate window on top of your HTML page.

    Here's how to do it:

    In Javascript tag:
    function popup(){

    window.open("flash.htm","newwindow","scrollbars,re sizable,height=400,width=550");}

    In body tag: onLoad="javascript:popup();"

    Just replace "flash.htm" with the name of your HTML file generated by Flash. Adjust the sizing of the window, and you're set!

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