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Thread: Window Position

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    Another question... how can i determinate de position of a window in the screen, when i play a EXE.

    Thnks for your help!

    António Cunha - Portugal

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    I believe you need a 3'rd party tool like Swiff Canvas or Juglor to do this easily. I know that both programs allow this type of action.

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    fullscreen resolve o problema do posicionamento

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    If you use SWF Studio (www.northcode.com) you can use the WINPOS command to get the window position and WINMOVE to change the position at runtime.

    // put window position in variables "left" and "top"
    fscommand("WINPOS", "left, top");

    // move the playback window to 100,200 on the desktop
    fscommand("WINMOVE", "100,200");

    You can also resize the playback window, minimize or restore it and find out the size of the user's desktop. Very useful stuff if you want to create a Flash app that behaves like a toolbar or a dockable window.

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