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Thread: Automatic resizing swf.

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    How do I automatically resize a swf. in different browsers of different sizes automatically by pressing a button specifing the sizes.
    please help a.s.a.p

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    The only way that I have found to Resize is by letting Flash do it for you. Just go into your publish settings and then the HTML Tab and click on the dimension drop down and choose percent. This will automatically resize your movie to fit whatever size and resolution the browser is running at.

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    I use Microsoft Frontpage 2000 to create my html/flash websites and cannot seam to be able to
    get it to accept an html-published flash page. It looks fine when I preview it from Frontpage, but as soon as I save the file or try to upload it to my server, the page doesn't work anymore and the only thing the flash menu says is "movie not loaded". Why is that?

    Then I used "cute ftp" and I'm pretty sure I transferred it as a binary file, but that didn't work either.

    My server has the correct MIME type and I do have other FLASH movies on my site. The other ones I've been able to input into my html pages as a "plug-in" through FRONTPAGE. The problem ... it only allows me to size them by pixels and not percent. I want to be able to size my movie by percent so it will auto-resize as the browser window changes.

    I'm pretty sure I've got the server pointing to the correct file since it loads the page and has the FLASH movie there, but it just isn't loaded. Go to http://www.pookiedom.com/wat.html to see what I mean (right click and look at menu). You can go to http://www.pookiedom.com to see the other flash I have on the site (so I know my server allows FLASH)

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this to work ... PLEASE HELP!!!

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