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Thread: "Clipping" the objects

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    Well... hello once again! One new problem today...
    I created Movie Symbol thankfully to help of those who helped me (thanx guys); and well... This is not very bad evect of text which is lighed from the bacground... well... it looks like it is lighted by alarm sirene... you know - "fat", fading from oranbe to black beam... well... this "beam" is rotating 360 deegre CCW.... well... it is a kind long... and well... I need to cover it with black rectangles when it is rotating but not under the text... can I clip the symbol? I want only a part of it to be visible - but when I'm pasting it to scene I see entire symbol.... with all "dust" I do not want to be shown...
    I will appreciate any help in this mater...

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    Put a shape in the layer above the object, right click that layer, and select "mask". Only the area underneath the mask shape will be visible.

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