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Thread: Error reporting on not finding external text files

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    Im building an app that loads text from external sources.

    Sometimes ofcourse the servers where the text is are not there or
    the file im requesting is not available.

    My original idea was to ask for a file and if the contents
    of what is returned didn't contain a certain word then my
    flash would report the file as being not accessible.
    There would also need to be some sort of timeout just incase
    the server returned nothing.

    Does anyone have any ideas or example code to deal
    with when an external resource is not found ?


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    IF file found(goto+play=frame4)

    IF file absent(goto+play=frame5)

    Based around this...

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    Exactly like that ...
    I only have flash 4 handy at the moment and
    I have never seen anything like "if file found" ..
    Is that part of flash 5 action scripting ?
    I didn't notice it when I was using with flash 5 at work.

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