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Thread: ----converting Flash 5 back to Flash 4----

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    I am having a problem getting my flash movie to play in Netscape, it works fine in IE. I built it in Flash 5 and exported it to play on the Flash 4 Player since most people do not have the Flash 5 one yet. But, I think something is screwy since it was orginally built in Flah 5. I would like to just open it up and resave it in Flash 4 but when I try to do that it says there was an unexpected file format. Is it possible to resave in the older version?

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    AS far as I am aware there isnt an easy way to do this if you have used F5 features.

    If you have used only used features that are available in F4 try exporting your movie from F5 then import the .swf into Flash 4 and export from there.

    Hope this helps

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