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    Am currently completing my Flash based dissertation in Spain . However, the uni has no english Flash books available so i have learn´t everything from the Flash help pages, which as you are probably aware are only very basic.

    The Problem

    I have to have on screen flashing Black and White boxes (which are to be viewed by a scanner). If a 1 is entered the black box flashes, 0 the white.

    I have managed to do this (by using the gotoAndPlay function) but i would like to use the _visible command (i.e have the boxes always there - just 'switch' them on or off) However all attempts have ended in failure. Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Also, and more importantly, the boxes have to flash once with every monitor screen refresh. Is there anyway of knowing when the screen is going to be refreshed in Flash??

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Hi! And welcome to Flashkit!

    Flashkit is a great resource to find answers to the questions you have about Flash.
    You will definitely get a better answer, however, if you post in the appropriate forum.
    Feel free to post here in the Boardroom if your topic is related to the business side of Flash.


    Choose from one of these great Help Forum links to find the forum that fits your question more accurately...

    This is a forum for very new users to flash, there is no such thing as a stupid question in here.

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