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Thread: Experimental site for blind people...

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    maybe useful

    a few good links u might find useful can be found here




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    Originally the web was very good for blind and visually impaired people, graphics were scarce and web sites were mainly text based.

    There is software, as I'm sure you all know, to read text through the speakers.

    There was also hardware (I don't know how it really worked but I think it was quite expensive) that read text and turned it into brail.

    I suppose that for us, designing sites almost 100% graphically based, this is going to be a big problem.

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    The site was down. =/


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    Very interesting thread.
    I am currently devising an 'accessable' site for leeds university. I good resource for design guidelines is http://www.cast.org
    I have a trial version of a speech browser. It is very difficult to understand exactly what is on a page. The idea of the flash movie in an html page would aid quick navigation.
    I wonder if a flash speech synth would be possible this would negate the need for expensive speech browsers. The speed would probably be painfully slow however...

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    You wouldn't know how interested and on fire german blind groups and people were when I contacted them and asked them out about a flash portal site for blind people....they were so very supportive and looking forward to new things.

    just thoguht I'd let you know, i wouldn't htink it is any different in any other country. Really I got personal contact with them through email forht and back, very good interviewing them.

    Unfortunately I had to set back such a project due to other priorities right now, but yeah if anybody is going on it, let me know or post in here.


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