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Thread: Fonts in Flash

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    Just before posting this message i found a new link "FONTS" on the flashboard
    but that one is not filled yet.

    I visited several site that used GREAT outlined fonts.

    My question is:
    Can anyone tell me how i could use different fonts in flash (other than the one in flash)

    Once again i think this is a newbie problem, with a rather simple answer but

    Any suggestions would be apreciated

    Kind regards from a newbie

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    if you download some font from website, then you have to put those font file into your
    window > font (assuming your are using window OS)

    then you have to re-start the computer(some people say you don't have to but mine computer need to restart in order for other application to accept the new font)

    now, when you launch flash, use type tool and you will see several option appear on the tool bar, you can select font from there.

    for outline font, i think there is some discussion on this board last few day, do a search for it.

    Hope this help.

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    if your using windows just pop in the font to C:\windows\font directory...

    then refresh to folder to make sure its in there..

    then open Flash program then click on the text tool the one with a "T"

    then click on movie then type.. after done with your message right click on the text then you can choose your fonts type & sizes

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