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Thread: state of the industry speeches requested

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    Hello all. I'd like to ask a specific question and a general one.
    -What do firms/pros (or you) look for in a portfolio? Unique artwork vs. unique scripts? One theme well executed or a variety of ideas (a la once-upon-a-forest)? Complex, multi-page sites or simple and to the point? I ask as I prepare to release a variety of works, but want to shorten the list.
    -What is the status of "flashers" as web developers in the general market? I ASSUME that great flash is highly desirable for sites far outside the "experimental" category, but compared to what? Are CGI/CFM developers getting the jobs? Is there a push for e-commerce vs art? Is there a freelance market? I would love to hear the esteemed members of the FlashKit community rant about our collective position(s), opportunities, and blind spots. Hopefully this is an interesting enough question to merit a lengthy thread.
    TIA, all. Curious as h-e-double hockey sticks.

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    post a sample of your work for us 2 look at..

    if it rocks you'll get some comeback ??

    just an idea!!!


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    coming inside of 7 days. pending bug extermination. ty for the reply!

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