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Thread: Flash VS Director...

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    Hi all I was talking with a friend, a young designer, about my passion for FLASH (and flashkit, oh alrightand he said: "have you tried Director from Macromedia? it is the best prog i've seen in multimedia so far!"...
    Question is: what do you think? (I saw you could embed flash swfs in it, but, i don't think i've seen a lot of Director movies on the net, or am i mistaken?)
    thanks for commenting!

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    you're right, there are not many,that's because Flash is the leading technology in the net ( it's smaller plugin and files and more people have the plugin). Flash is a multimedia technology, but it's not a rich media format, director is (means fully integrated sound,lingo,movies,xtras, 3displanned).
    For the next two years Flash will lead, but then the broadband technology will arrive at a larger number of households,means you can stop to count Bits.
    After this Director (or another technol.) will strike back.

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