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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a nice lightning effect going horizontally (or vertically). I appreciate any response


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    for flash i dont know how to create lightning effects.
    But i do know how to do this in adobe photoshop.
    Just make a new picture with black backgroud color
    then make clouds. black and white with the cloud tool in the pulldown menu: render (i think its that one)

    then choose the image function to make it brighter or darker. Make the image brighter. The contrast higher and you'll have a nice horizontal lightning bolt.

    but i dont know anything about creating such things in flash..... sorry for that

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    Also as far as photoshop goes, if you have xenofex 1.1 (filter) They have lighting and electrify filter. It works awesome.

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    You might try shape tweening random size and shaped thin lines drawn with the pencil tool on a black background. Shape hints will help you to control the shape tweening to achieve the desired lightning effect.

    Also, create a background layer and place a rectangle the dimensions of your stage on that layer and color it black. On the frame where the shape tweened lightning bolts are maximum size, add a keyframe to the background layer and for that one frame color the big rectangle white. This will give a "quickflash" effect that will make the lightning seem more real. Also, be sure to use appropriate sound effects.

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