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    just finsihed doom2:evilution and wrote this little faq..cehck it out

    Weapons, Monsters, Keys, and Cheats
    now that i've finished Evilution completely, i'm so happy to write his little FAQ in the big ocean of other FAQs. but anywyas, enjoy and i hope you kill all of 'em too!
    1-Fist or Chainsaw. Press twice to switch.
    2-Pistol, not so effective but fights fast
    3-Shotgun, good weapon against Imps, Demons, and humans
    Press the key to switch to Double-Barreled shotgun(slow) and vice versa.
    NOTE:Double-Barreled shotgun wastes twice as much ammo as One-barreled since it shoots out two bullets so better be very efficient.
    4-Chaingun, effective only when you have the will to use it. It's just a combo of 10 pistols.
    5-Rocket launcher, use this one EVERYWHERE you dare. It is very effective but if you're not careful, it might kill you.
    6-Plasma Gun,oh well, this is a very crappy one. It shoots little blasts of energy. One blast might kill a soldier, but even if you tap the key, it just zooms out 6 blasts which might hurt an Imp badly. Use only if in need.
    7-BFG 9000,powerful gun. Depends on the power blasts which Plasma Gun uses. So use it wisely(40 blasts per shot). Destroys anyone in view.
    8-Chain saw, i don't know why, but they just put it in there
    Zombieman-they're helpless without their pistols. Shoot them fast and easy and they're done for. they can invade you that's for sure. But just use your BFG or Rocket Launcher to get rid of them. They're dressed in filth and have green hair.
    Shotgun guy-a little bit more smarter than Zombiemen. He has a real shotgun and he shoots faster than you think. The only way to get rid of him quickly and efficiently is to use your shotgun against him. Dressed in black and they're bald.
    Heavy weapon dude-he's fat and in black and red and can kill you very fast because he has the Chaingun. Better hide around the corner and then kill him with Double-barreled Shotgun .
    Imp-that's a tough boy...he hates everything around him...he'll shoot at just about anything to get attention. Imps are easily killed with Pistol, but Shotgun is reccomended. He looks like a lizard, only brown and shoots out Rocket Launcher fireballs. Getting a cover when you meet one is reccomended.
    Demon-a big pink mix of a wolf and a cow and a bull on two legs. Looks horrifying. When he gets close, he'll eat your face, so get rid of him fast with your shotgun.
    Lost Soul-a skull that flies around. Genetically believed he is a lost soul(DUH) but his behavior differs alot. See "Behavior" at the end of this section. He'll attack fast and he is just a skull on fire. Dispose of him QUICKLY, these guys CAN really be annoying.
    Cacodemon-it borrows the part of its name from Demon by being pink in the middle. It is red with horns, and shoots out blasts of some kind of nuclear power. very hard to destroy with your pistol, so use Chaingun and Shotgun instead.
    Hell Knight-a big walking cow that shoots green plasma at you. He is BIG and requires 3 shots of Rocket Launcher, but don't worry, you'll have Rocket Launcher before you meet this guy.
    Baron of Hell-friend of Hell Knight and slightly more powerful.
    Arachnotron-a big spider that shoots out BFG plasma out of it's head. Basically it's a big brain that walks around on metal legs. Man, if you meet one of those, run away as fast as you can. It shoots fast and mean but in reality not that powerful, and it's pretty slow.
    Pain Elemental-a tan wrinkly friend of Cacodemon with slightly bigger horns and has much more authority. In fact, it shoots out Lost Souls from its mouth! You better deal with this guy fast. Use Rocket Launcher.
    Revenant-a "human" with a skull instead of a head that's 8 feet tall. Has two guns on each of his shoulders that shoots out an equivalent of a Lost Soul only it disappears as it touches you. Hard to beat, likes to go one-on-one.
    Mancubus-A FAT, BIG, SLIMY PIG. That's what he is. He gains authority by being fat and having two guns instead of hands that shoot out blasts so powerful it's gonna make you die if you don't kill him fast. He is disgusting but has an interesting pattern on his back. And the back is where you want to point your gun. When he shoots, aim your Shotgun or Rocket Launcher at him and say "Bye-bye"
    Arch-Vile-a somewhat copy of Revenant only less hi-tech. He is a big skinny guy. When he approaches you, he summons the powers of whatever fire he uses. He bends and you fly maybe 5 feet straight off the ground. Annoying and very hard to kill. But useful if you're in God mode and in a jumpy mood.
    The Spider Mastermind-master of all the Arachnotrons. Has a big freakin' chaingun up his face. Deserves more than one blast of your BFG. Very big, and you'll meet him less than three times, I assure you. He looks like a typical Arachnotron, only more disgusting.
    The Cyberdemon-has nothing to do with Demons at all, instead with Baron and Knight of Hell. He's a big frikkin' guy with two horns, a BIG Rocket Launcher and bad temper. You'll usually meet him with Spider Mastermind.

    Every monster behaves differently and has different tricks up his sleeves. So let's check them all out!
    Zombieman:He likes to go around and shoot from your back, but he doesn't like secrecy himself, so if you sneak upon him, something's wrong with your copy of Doom.
    Shotgun guy:He's mean and lean and rather kill you rather than torturing you. But he has a weak spot, he is unusally slow. He is maybe twice as slow as Zombieman(don't worry, Zombieman DOESN'T move at 60 mph)
    Heavy weapon dude:a fat guy with no real temper rather than just plain boredom. he shoots at anything that walks. Also, all the humans, Zombie, Shotgun guy, and Heavy wpn. dude will shoot their kind plus other monsters.
    Imp:Evil dork, very slow and rather dumb. He'll be angered if you shoot him with a pistol at which point he almost spins 360 and starts attacking you. Imps can shoot at their kind, but can't kill their kind.
    Demon:These guys like eating. They'll rip anything apart just for fun. They can kill their kind, but only in rare situations. Usually, they just run around with nothing else to do than scavenging.
    Lost Soul:Has an IQ of 1...He goes around looking around every corner slowly, but when he sees you or any other interfering monster, he slides at about 90 mph to you and starts gobbling. They can't kill their own kind, in fact they don't touch their own kind.
    Cacodemon:Funny guy. He hates being interrupted or interfered of his scavenging. When he sees you, he'll start shooting right away, but if you're lucky enough to hide, he's gonna make a fry-and-kill party. Can't kill his own kind, but rather in situations very crowded.
    Hell Knight:Immediately starts looking for anyone that's bad. He's gonna kill his brothers if he is interrupted by other Knights.
    Baron of Hell:Rather slow to anger. He has a pathetic image in the crowd.
    Arachnotron:They just walk around and zap anything that's there except their kind.
    Pain Elemental:Funky character. He likes to rise out of nowhere and blast you with Lost Souls if you shoot him.
    Revenant:When he meets anyone, he's gonna kill it, no matter what. But he's weak against Hell Knight and monsters risig up from there.
    Mancubus:Shoot, kill, Shoot, no, wait, Shoot..that's Mancubus's programming. he wiats a little to verify that you're hurt and then finishes you off. He'll shoot his kind, but rarely hurt it.
    Arch-Vile:They never appear in multiple numbers. 3 is a maximum. He'll blast anything with his fire and very slow to anger.
    Spider Mastermind:An evil guy that will just sit there and shoot until he runs out of bullets(which he has a LOT) He'll rarely move.
    The Cyberdemon:Your worst enemy. When you meet him, it'll be only with Barons and Knights of hell and with Mastermind. He kills anyone and never appears in large numbers. Imagine what it would be if he did. 7 Cyberdemons would kill you before their shots even reached you.

    These are the comon keys you should use when playing:
    Up arrow, move forward
    Down arrow, move backwards
    Left and Right arrows are respectively, move Left and Right
    Space, open doors
    Shift,Move faster
    Tab-map mode
    +-zoom in in map mode
    --zoom out in map mode
    0-an overview in map mode

    iddqd-GOD MODE
    idkfa-ALL WEAPONS!!!
    idfa-all weapons but no keys
    iddt-in map mode, toggle everyhing you don't see
    idclev#e#m-transport to an episode. e is episode, m is map. in Doom2, both keys mean transport to a level.
    idbehold-choose from menu
    idclip(doom2) or idspispopd(doom1)-no clipping:that's the way for you to win the game

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    Umm... One question... What does this have to do with flash?

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    it initally was posted in the coffee lounge

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    Yes, but this forum is about game DEVELOPMENT, not walkthrus in commercial games...

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    In his defense, the description of this board is "Coding, ideas, games to show, all game development aspects will be discussed here" it could relate abstractly, but :im:, dude, next time post a link to your FAQ over at GameFAQs or something, not the entire text, 'Kay?

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    Can we see the game rather than an explanation please!??!?!

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    go buy it

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    Didn't Doom 2 come out years ago?

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