If I misunderstood in someway then I am sorry. I do remember reading that if the letter was to recived in a certain amount of time, then the account would be closed. If I misread that then that is my bad. But I am also talking about the process of sign up. There should be something saying under parent e-mail that if you do not fill it in with something that your form will not be submited. It took me 3 times to figure out that the reason my form was not going though was this field. Some type of notification would be in order, in my way of thinking. It is just to help those who will sign in after me to keep them from going through the same headache. Just something to think about..

And thank you for all who sumbited a reply to my posts.. It may not have been much help, but it atleast has shown me that people in this comunity do care.. Thank you all again, "Hypernol"