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Thread: re-direct "point to"

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    My client has a site hosted w/ mindspring and they had me register another domain that they want to point or re-direct to their original site hosted at mindspring. Now, does their other domain which I registered with joker.com have to be hosted by mindspring as well? Does it even have to be hosted? I'm a little unclear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your first point of call should be to mindspring to see how they normally deal with such situations. It may be that they can host both of the domains for the same hosting package, in which case it may be worth changing the registrar of the new name to mindspring.

    If they don't offer such a solution then contact joker to see how they normally deal with this kind of thing. It may be that THEY can redirect to the old URL without too much fuss so long as you're using their nameservers.

    If neither of these is possible then you could point the domain at some free/cheap webspace with the following HTML code as the default page:

        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=http://www.theother.com">
        <p>In one second this page will forward you to our site</p>
        In case you were not forwarded automatically click 
        <a href="http://www.theother.com">here</a>.
    The bits you'll want to change [aside from the mundane text] are highlighted in bold.

    I hope this helps!



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