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Thread: Learning ? or not ?

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    Jan 2001
    Hi ALL,

    I have had another little play about Man this software is cool !!


    I know it aint brilliant... but am I getting there ?

    Let me know mates....

    Yeah I am English before ya ask...

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    The Flashkit Mama
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    Karachi , Pakistan

    Welcome to the Forum

    hi there , really like yur site , the material , the graphics and yes yur flash intro . it was really cool . add more by exploring this froum . u will find good stuff here . but for that u need more practise .


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    Tasko nice little intro, except i would put a preloader at the beginning of your movie. people don't stay long waiting at a black screen. use the search engine at the top of the thread and try preloader you wil find a lot of different one thast can be use for your site.
    Good work!

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    Jan 2001
    Hi again ALL,

    Well I have had a go at a "preloader", but it is still not correct.


    1) The "Loading" text only runs for the Time Line I have added.

    2) IF you refresh after waiting, ALL of the "Loading" Time Line actions repeat themselves.

    Something is not right here......

    I have the TWO scenes....

    Preloader with text "loading" with the actions:

    I have put an "action" at end of ALL of the "Loading" text

    a- Goto Frame 0 of Preloader
    a- Preload Content: B-F2.gif
    a- Preload Content: peace3.mp3
    a- Goto Frame 0 of Scene 1

    TEXT: Loading I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I @

    ALL of the above ACTIONS are added to the mark above in BOLD

    There is something WRONG with my "Loading" animations. It should "squeeze" non stop until ALL of the above are loaded. And NOT do it all again IF you do a refresh right after you have seen all of the intro. What have I done wrong... I KNOW I am so close on my own

    I need more help.. sorry about this


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    Byron Zed
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    Oct 2000
    Hey Tasco.
    The answer to your problem is very simple.
    in your preloader scene, you add the following actions to the first frame :

    Preload content xxx.gif
    Preload content yyy.jpg

    At the end of your Squeeze animation, you put these actions:
    GoTo frame 0 of Preloader
    If frame xxx of scene 1 is loaded,
    Goto Frame 0 of scene 1

    xxx would be the last frame in scene 1, meaning your movie.

    Try it, and lemme know if you succeeded.


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    Jan 2001
    Hi Danny

    Thanx for your help....

    But I still have a problem. IF I do it your way, my "Loading" Text FREEZES while my MP3 loads.

    So I have done this:

    At the END of my "preloader" I have ONE action, that includes:

    GoTo frame 0 of Preloader,
    Preload B-F2.gif
    Preload peace3.mp3
    IF frame 280 of Scene 1 is loaded,
    GoTo Frame 0 of Scene 1

    Now, I still have a problem. My "Loading" text "squeezes" ONCE and then the text STOPS while stuff is loaded and then WAVES.. then goes into Scene 1.

    Something still aint right here mate....... Am I still goofing up ?




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