I am sure that you have all experienced the current issues with Flash Kit.
Server errors, speed and download problems, and in some cases lack of access
all together.

In a nutshell Flash Kit has outgrown it's current hardware and software platform
and it is unable to handle the incredible load it is now placed under. To give you
an idea we have over 100k unique visitors a day, serve over 100gig in bandwidth
and show over a million pages a day!

We can no longer just hack and tweak to get maximum performance from the site, now
it is time to strip it down and re-engineer from the ground up. Flash Kit v2.0.

We are putting together proposals now for Flash Kit v2.0, some of the features we
are planning to implement...

1) Site speed - multiple servers on a scalable architecture
2) Better tracking of downloads,views, ratings
3) Member pages, linking members to content
4) Faster myFK, public and private listings of myFK selections (ie see webmaster picks)
5) Bulk download from myFK (like a shopping cart)
6) ExtremeFlash section for the very best fla files

We are also looking for ways to make the site more financially viable to generate
sufficient revenue to support our growing hardware and technical costs!

Any ideas you have for Flash Kit v2.0, and revenue generation ideas, please post to
this thread, help forge the direction of Flash Kit for the future!!!

Thanks for your help, and thanks for sticking by FK in the tough times!

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