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Thread: Flash Kit v2.0 - Your ideas here!

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    Well, here goes...
    Clearer ruling on posting - this site is for flashkit developers and should not be used as a playground for flaming, posting crap etc. The lounge has its uses but some people abuse it and just post rubbish turning genuine flashers out of the lounge. I know there is a boardroom now but how much more space and speed would there be if it weren't for these adolescents?

    A FAQ for each forum so the same question doesn't appear 16 times every day

    No or little flash. Just coz this is a flash developers site doesn't mean it should be flashed. The little there is now is sufficient. download speeds and the like would kill people (remember people are still using 14k modems!)

    & for revenue why not include a mailbox - i.e. RazoR@flashkit.com. couple of thousand people sign up for it and flog their email addresses to the companies that are willing to pay for it. i know I would like a flashkit mail address and wouldn't be bothered about flogging it to junk mail distributors if it meaned better, faster and more improved flashkit. Oh well, better move over and let someone else speak

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    Originally posted by RazoRmedia
    & for revenue why not include a mailbox - i.e. RazoR@flashkit.com. couple of thousand people sign up for it and flog their email addresses to the companies that are willing to pay for it. i know I would like a flashkit mail address and wouldn't be bothered about flogging it to junk mail distributors if it meaned better, faster and more improved flashkit. Oh well, better move over and let someone else speak
    Im not entirely sure i would appreciate my email address being sold to the spammers, i get well pissed off with Hotmail doing it all the time, but maybe you could charge for the address itself, or give a choice.... you could pay for your address and have it guaranteed spam free, or you could have a free address and accept the spam.
    Make sure that the spam is not from total junk places, i.e porn and credit cards...


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    I would be willing to pay a reasonable subscription fee.
    This site would be well worth it and has help me in many ways.

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    okay.. for money! easy! you guys need to run a bakesale!!

    I mean think! all the people who come here buying baked goods!! wowzers!.. just kidding..

    A: don't make it all flash, all the backend scripting would take forever (uploading, downloading, the boards, bandwidth) we would probibly see v2.0 in the year 2005!
    B: dont have a multi - member site whre there's a fee..
    a lot of people would stop coming and maybe all together..

    MY small suggestion may have been when you join u are assigned a brand / logo .. and then you have that little icon beside your name almost like battle of the logos.. then companies who wanted their company in the site action would pay for it. Maybe....

    BUt definatly speed things up and I can't wait for v.2 (when do u think it may come out?)

    keep up the god work.. i mean with more then 100 thousand members you guys must be doing something right!>.


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    Post Subscription (posted where its supposed to be)

    Flashkit has been a tremedously valuable resource, partly because of quality, and partly because of the shear volume of developers who use it and share their wisdom on the boards.

    I think most of us realize we've been getting a good deal here. I know my company would hesitate at a $200+ subscription because the higher-ups don't personally realize the value. I think you could get the majority of the users to willingly pay $10, $20, even $50 for a subscription.

    I don't think any of us want to see FlashKit go away because we smothered it to death with our usage.

    At the very least, I bet if you put up a "Save FlashKit" with a PayPal button that let us put $5 in your account you would get a lot of donations.

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    I think you guys should make a very complete sitemap. When I first started to visit FlashKit, it costed me weaks to find out where everything was located. I still am not sure I know it perfectly... The layout shouldn't be remodelled, I think it's great. The explanation about how to make a tutorial should also be better

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    This is really hard. I mean, flashkit has always been a great FREE, OPEN SOURCE kind of deal. If it would become a membership base, or even partially membership base, many members might leave and i'm sure that's not what FK wants. I think there has to be a different way of generating some more income.

    perhaps a pop-up add or something. yeah they are annoying but at least it could help a bit. Everybody could help out by clicking on the ads too...

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    Thoughts on a version 2.0

    I read lots of interesting ideas here; following are some thoughts:

    1) I'm strongly on the "Don't Flash the site" bandwagon. I'm not an expert yet - and there are companies trying to make Flash sites load as fast as HTML pages - but for a site as big as FK, a full Flash movie would be enormous. If we do get 100gig of data added per day, then the file would continue to grow more monstrous by the day.

    2) On the idea of making it a pay site: That too I'd be strongly againt. Salon magazine tried to go pay on the 'net a few years ago; this almost destroyed them.

    People don't like to handle things on the Internet that aren't free, whether they are as useful as FK or not. Personally, the fact that it's free has made it an even more invaluable resource for me.

    Someone on this thread mentioned the Blogger example; it's a good one. They set up a donation fund to upgrade their equipment. It netted over $15, 000 in a few days - AND the donation of equipment by companies that saw their benefits, and wanted to help. I'd see that happening here too.

    3) I like the idea of making downloadable tutes work offline as a good suggestion. I've been on other sites that offer downloadable PDFs of tutes; that works well.

    I'd go even further, and suggest that open source movies on site be more usable too. At the moment, you can only learn from them if you already know Flash at 100% - then click on every frame to study the ActionScripting, and hope you can figure out how things work from there.

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    Please do not charge for "membership"

    That would be stupid, yes it would help pay for stuff, but if there are over 1million page views a day then get some sponsorship> no annoying popups or whatever but charging? no way! I for one would not pay, flashkit is really good and everything and it's one of the few dites i do visit but i certainly wouldn't pay. that's why there is a community here because people are all the same, if you start having different layers of community it will create an elite and thus destroy the community. Education is for everyone not just those that can afford it!
    Speed is the biggest issue here in my opinion, most of the time I am not at work it is entirely unusable and it just gets aggravating.
    More focus on showcasing work and bulk downloads is a very good idea. What about masterclasses and chat sessions with the best designers in the world that sort of thing.
    The live support thing is a cool idea as well http://www.justflowers.com is one i used recently I had a major problem in that i had to get flowers to my grrl in Miami (I live in the UK) and i managed to mess up the card number for my credit card but I went on their live 1 to 1 chat with an operator and she called me internationally to sort it out and still got the flowers there the same day (it was 4.40pm and they were only open till 5) that would be a very cool feature to have. Maybe limited to people that have proven themselves worthy of helping out (some sort of certification thing) you go and log on and that then makes you available to help and people can request your help. E.g a list of "assistants" that are logged on right now and are willing to help.
    ok that's my 2cents worth.

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    Originally posted by Nik128
    I really want to see the Flash Anime section, there are many good flash artists in here. Gotta have patience though
    [unbiasedopinion]I agree entirely and wholeheartedly.[/unbiasedopinion]

    What I think would be really neat as well is if the chat room were expanded to allow for online discussions from Flash professionals (scheduled interview/chat sessions),.

    I also would be interested in seeing some form of Flashkit classroom - an area set aside where "classes" could be held - where a "professor" could gather a bunch of people who want to learn a specific area of Flash, then through things like bulletin boards, chats, and file download/upload areas, and contact lists, a virtual class could be held for a number of weeks per group.

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    i have to agree with those that are against the paying to access flashkit, i could afford it but it would be a hassle, me being from the united states, think of the money conversion, plus there are some young 'uns on here that would have to rob their own parents or rob the quickie mart to get access, i agree with the flashkit merchandise, that would be a great idea, same with the ability to buy software directly from you. hmm, improvements, new, hipper color scheme, with the fonts section seperate them into catagories, ie grunge, techno, etc... thats my 2cents worth.


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    I saw someone saying "Why not make FK in FLash"...well I dont think that is possible...
    Flash is too slow and can't handle all the features a site like this has to have.

    Well I had to say that

    As for the ideas,

    You already did what I wanted by starting FK !!


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    Re: Flashkit V2.0

    I agree with you Stephen.

    I think that a redesign would improve the site.

    Why don't you convocate a competition for the layout and design of the FK 2.0?

    I think that would be challenging.

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    few ideas...

    wow, long thread, and I haven't read it all, so some of this may be repeats....

    I think it's a really bad idea to go all Flash. ultrashock.com *looks* cool, but I don't know how well that'll all work out. seems like it would be REALLY slow.

    I definetly think it's good to get new and more servers.

    I also like the idea of having Flashkit teaching conferences or what-not. you could just have some of the guru members give a Flashkit sponsored 2 day conference in their region, or something like that. the teachers will be able to get a good turnout from Flashkit members, so Flashkit can get a good percentage of the $ and also pay the teachers as well.

    I also like the idea of bulk-downloading. and also compressing tutorials all into a .zip file. include all the html and images as well as the .fla and .swfs I'm not sure if they should be included with bulk downloads, though....may have to seperate the tutorial downloads from fonts, music, sfx, etc.

    two cents from me...

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    One area that could be covered is advice on marketing your site. Although I appreciate that Flashkit is mainly focused on design and backend, there's no point in having a great site if no one can find it.

    Maybe create a tutorial section on how to get a decent listing in search engines, the use of keywords etc. Although there are many sites of this nature around, there is a gap in how to get a search engine to recognise a site that's done completely in Flash.

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    Please do not spend a lot of time re-designing Flashkit. We need to get Flashkit BACK UP TO SPEED -- PERIOD. I just waited almost (3) minutes to bring up the 'next' page and I'm on cable modum. Flashkit is the center of the known universe. It's the only site I've ever visited every single day. It is invaluable to me. I don't know what I'd do without it. But it must function with speed and efficiency.

    I support the PayPal DONATION scheme to raise quick money.

    Neither would I mind Ad Banners. In fact I always wondered why Flashkit didn't have them with all its visitors.

    1 -- Add more servers.

    2 -- Fix the broken links and database errors.

    Once this is done, then think about re-designing.

    [Edited by Metrov8 on 02-16-2001 at 08:02 PM]

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    1. Don't start the subscriber fee - as I understand it is that Flashkit i snot in dire need of money - but it needs to cover some costs related to hardware upgrades. I think something more in line of a store would be in order. Something like this maybe.
    2. Keep the colors and layout the same - but I like this idea of the CSS color changer, so people can customize the site.
    3. NO FLASH!!! For us dialup users it would ruin it! If you want Flash theres another flash resource somewhere completely Flash. Go there!!!!
    4. Get the new version of vBulletin - as I recall there are Private Messages and lots of new features! Couldn't hurt - especially if you are starting fresh on a new server anyway!
    5. One thing that we may have to do is to delete some of the very old messages - right now there is 389415 posts and 109828 members! The database has got to be at least a gig right now - thats gotta totally bog site performance
    6. Make me a moderator!!! That would really improve the site!!! j/k lol
    7. Make a testing forum where people can go and test out vb code and footers and stuff and people dont yell at them!
    8. More Later...

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    I am positive that charging for flash kit info will be a huge turn away and just help other sites boost traffic. I love Flash kit. It is by far the greatest Flash resource out there. Keep it free man! Look at CD-audio, compter progs, etc. If people can't have it for free - they go else where and/or get it for free. - I say show potential advertisers your hit count and you will have peeps paying mad cash to advertise (not a lot of advertising) on your site. Just my ideas - oh and as far as the all flash site goes - I think that would not be the way to go. Text driven tutorials make things easy to d/l and copy and paste. thanks guys! I look forward to Flash Kit 2.0!

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    Re: ohh ya, it's on now

    Originally posted by tapo
    I have posted a thread in feedback about self promotion using t-shirts, mouse pads and things of that nature.

    God bless ver 2.0
    i would like a FK mouse pad
    i bet those would do well

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