FlashKit is ungodly slow right now, but think about the reasons at to why: too many people!

Don't get me wrong, too many people is a fine thing, and I'm not at all complaining, but here is what my proposal would be. I haven't read through this thread so please excuse me if it is a repeat. But here we go:

The greatest strength (and weakness) of FlashKit.com is the pure number of people that belong to this site. I know that just over winter break (for those of us north of the equator [which brings to mind a question for those down under, do you call December "winter" or "summer"?] the number of members on this site was only 100k. Now we're at (or by the time you might be reading this, past) 150k members!

One of the major features that FK has unlike any other site is the amount of tutorials that the site has. Here's an idea: let the developers who create those tutorials sell them! In return for letting the tutorial developer sell his/her tutorial, you can charge a nominal commission off of each tutorial. I would make all basic level tutorials free, and then charge for the others.

Doing this, you'll need to realize that you *will* lose some of the traffic that the site has. So what? What is the impact? All that means is that you'll save on bandwidth and weed out some of the less serious people who are not willing to pay a nominal amount of money. The other drawback is that many of the younger kids who use this site and probably don't have credit cards don't have the ability to pay, even if they wanted to.

I think that the most important thing for everybody to realize is that FlashKit is only going to be well funded if the money comes at some level from "the people who use THIS site." Regardless of whether Internet.com gives FK a lot of money or some other group, the bottom line is that those companies are only interested in funding FK if they can get money from us. We have to ultimatley be the ones to put out the cash. Frankly, I think that it is to our out-of-pocket benefit, and FK's 'recievables' benefit if some other corporation (like Internet.com) doesn't act like a middle man that will just skim off of the top.

Finally (sorry that I'm going off here), I think that FK 2.0 HAS to make some posts expire, which will save TONS of space. What I propose is forcing FK members to save a post in their "myFK" section if they want for it to not expire (and be deleted) within 30 days. I would also kill people's ability to post large pictures via the boardrooms. That simply eats up too much bandwidth. If not that, than please at least encourage people to post *SMALL* picts.

Some of this stuff is kinda "bah humbug", but the bottom line is really what counts here. Everybody needs to recognize that. Now I'm going to go and read what everybody else's ideas are. Thanks for reading through all of this if you got this far!