I'll try to be concise:

Don't start charging membership--besides destroying the spirit and purpose of Flashkit, I'm certain you'd see 'true membership' plummet.

Sell T-shirts. I would buy a Flashkit T-shirt if: it was a really cool design (not some dumb thing saying Flashkit in small letters over your left breast, but something that made people actually look at your shirt, and like it).

For the actual design, just hold a contest--with all these design-types out there, I'm sure someone could come up with something cool; perhaps there should be more than one design for the potential consumer to choose from.

You would have to make a deal with a distributor in the US or Canada (the latter would probably be cheaper, since our dollar is almost as low as the Aussie dollar) if you wanted to sell shirts here--I'm not about to try ordering something from halfway around the planet (imagine the postage costs).

Is there any hope of scoring a deal with Macromedia? If it turns out that more Flashers come to Flashkit for info than to Macromedia, then aren't you saving them money vis-a-vis customer support?

Whatever the outcome, I sincerely wish Flashkit the best. It has been of immense service to me.