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Thread: I work with Speedo2001 & Kingspank & KarlMarx

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    I work in the same studio as these three... aren't i lucky!!!

    I hope u noted the sarcastic tone in which that was supposed to be deliverd.

    Anyway, I hope that Phooka keeps up the good work and keeps people like this out of harms way.

    Thanks and BIG UP PHOOKA!!!


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    Thanks for cluing us in, PT.
    One of the things that makes communication online difficult is the problem in recognizing tongue-in-cheek comments. We can't see the expression on the person's face or hear the tone in their voice. Often, these 'sarcastic' comments just come across as rude or crude. Frequent discussion board users have seen this type of miscommunication turn into arguments quite often. The use of smilies and j/k (just kidding) can help make the post's intentions more clear.
    Flash Kit has a good rep in the online world for being "G" rated and not tolerating flame wars. We moderators feel it is essential to our role to try to keep that reputation intact. It is for that reason that we sometimes act in what may appear to be an intolerant way when we see what seems to be the beginnings of a problem. We have seen numerous other web discussion boards meet their demise due to flame wars and a downslide from being helpful to merely being online 'fight clubs'. If we err on the side of caution, it is not done for any other reason than to keep FK as the fine resource and civilized online community that we feel it is.

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    They are damn good Designers though..

    I must say on their behalf though that they are extremley good Designers.... and excel in Flash and are constantly "pushing the envelope" in Flash.....


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