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    Hi all,

    I've been working on this project for months (in my free time). It's game with a built in level editor. It is far from finished but a lot of the basic functionality is there. Right now I would love to get lots of feedback to help guide me through the rest of the development.

    When you first enter, you are in level edit mode. Use the tool bar to load one of the test levels, or start creating your own level. There are only 4 objects to work with right now but you can scale and rotate them which enables you to creat levels with some variety. Eventually there will be lots of different objects with different features.

    The landing pad is the only "special" object right now. You can set the maximum landing speed and set a level to warp to when the player lands on it. There are indicators on the landing pad to inform the player... the red band on the base indicates how cautious you must be to land, and the blue glow on the surface indicates a warp.

    Let me know if there are any questions. I would love to get feedback on any and every aspect of this thing. I'm also looking for ideas for the overall plot or goal of the game. If you submit an idea that i use, I will certainly add your name to the credits if you want.


    Thanks gang!

    PS If you save your levels, give it some time to write to the database before you try to load or play a level. I haven't put in any checking for that yet.

    To play a level hit the play button on the bottom left of the toolbar..

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