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Thread: How to create an 3d object that is slanted

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    I have a logo which I would like to give a bit of depth and scew it so that it faces right (but pushed in), kind of like the walpaper on 2advanced (the circles which look like >)
    Can anyone help? I have bothe psp and photoshop, but I don't know how to ceate them.

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    If your logo is complex, you may want to look at Swift3D. You could do it in Photoshop, but it would have to be done by hand as far as I know. Photoshop does have a couple of filters, but they just make a "basic" shape into a 3D object. Swift3D creates any complex object (vectored), and places a Z-axis on it automatically. It's something worth checking into, anyway.


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    xara 3D is cool for that, you can import too.

    I think its, pretty cheap 40-50$. I like it.

    Photoshop is great, but I would take awhile and you'd
    have to be real good. I just do it in Xara and save,
    and import it into my photoshop graphics.

    Check out my wallpaper - liquid metal (last one)
    BTW- the text logo - only!!!

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