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Thread: Flash is great! But how about SCREAM?!

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    Hi, Flash Users and World Folks.

    Do you think Macromedia Flash to be great, uh? Yes, no doubt it is and I respect and appreciate it for all it is and represents to the Flash fan crowd and the pros. But you should know Scream, an interactive vector animation program that produces faster and much, much smaller animations (no Java) than Macromedia Flash (download the program, compile a number of linked animation files and keep an eye at how long it goes on kidding with your screen, without repeating a single "frame" -- a 30kb anime in Flash is only about 1KB in Scream format, depending on complexity and interactivity!) Yes, and it supports .wav and midi files with keyboard interactivity. It has its own ActiveX control for html embedding also and a screen saver module (take a -- stunning! -- look at the screen saver animations, buddies!).

    They're giving away a freeware version of it. (The only one available for now. In my opinion, you should get a copy of it on the double, 'cause, when it gets popular, and I'm sure it will, its creators will have second thoughts about giving it away free.)

    What's my idea about this, after all? Well, I just wonder what a great graphics artist and programmer could do with this fantastic program if he gave some thought about integrating it into MMBuilder. Since, I guess, the Scream program is not so popular by now, an aggreament involving royalties for using it as part of MMBuilder, for example, could be reached easily or even free of any charge, up to a point, maybe. In case this turns out to be possible, MediaChance developers could add timeline features into MMBuilder for use with Scream animations. And I tell you: THIS WOULD BE GREAT, because, in my opinion, the Scream ActiveX control and the animations the program produces are really great for streaming over the net (I performed some tests on a PC 100, 32MB and could see for myself). And, again, sorry, Flash lovers (I love it too): with this implementation, Macromedia Flash could be eventually beat by MMBuilder...

    Please go to: http://www.savedbytech.com and click on the button link SCREAM for download, just to see for yourself! And, please, don't you let yourself be negatively impressed by the simplicity of the site. Download the program and give a close look to its possibilities. And, please, let me know what you guys think about it.

    ++ NetCaptor and Outlook? What about Ariadne and Incredimail?! Go to http://www.open-sft.com and http://www.incredimail.com and download their terrific multitab navigation and organizer browser and their animated 3D mail client.++

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    the animations don't look as nice as flash but i definatly recommend this as its good for e-cards where size matters
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    My posted reply to his impressions:

    Dear Chip buddie:

    I aggree with you that the Scream animations don't look so nice as those of Flash. But you should consider that the program is little known and that the great artists around haven't discovered it yet and, thus, there are no great looking and impressive Scream animations available. Why, there are great animated gifs arount the web that no one can honestly say they're not so. However, are they as small in size and dynamic as Scream animations? I believe the demo animations made by the program's creators are meant just to give us an idea of the great possibilities of the program. So, if the top graphics artists and web designers can do so much with the gif and Flash formats, don't you think they could do even more with this one? Only many guys, if not the most of them, do not know this promissing format and program.

    Also, don't you believe, once we helped it become popular on our own possible way, its creators could come out with new, improved upon and even more terrific future versions? Just think what MMBuilder (www.mediachance.com) was at its first versions and what it has become by these days. Wasn't all this due to our users' support and feedback?

    Yes, Flash animes are nice and great. But are they as small and so dynamically streaming and speedy as the Scream ones? If you're skilfull at animated graphics creation, just create two exactly identical animes: one with M. Flash and the other with Scream. Now compare their sizes and test them on a Pentium 100 (there are lots of them around the world, whose owners can't afford to upgrade to faster and more powerful ones) just to see for yourself. Should you feel willing to go even further, create, or ask some fine graphics shark you may know to do so, a very CREATIVE and nice Flash anime and a Scream one with about 800KB in size. After doing these, run them and pay attention to how much comparative time one and the other keeps animating your Screen.

    I'll show up if anything new or argumentative strikes me.

    Thank you for clicking on my suggestion link and posting a message.



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    I just downloaded the SCREAM animator and to me it seems a little basic for real internet applications. I honestly don't think that it will ever catch up to the already largely used Macromedia Flash in all aspects of the program. The only reason for the small filesizes that are boosted heavily in the SCREAM homepage are due to the lack of complex animations and colors that are available with Macromedia Flash. I don't think that this software will ever be able to capture the mass attention from Macromeida in the vecor-based animation department and it would probably be financially safe to say that some one should pull the plug on the SCREAM project before anymore money is lost on what is apparently a Flash-wannabee. It would be more financially rewarding to concentrate programming and marketing resources towards a corner of the software market that are not so vastly conquered by a major force such as Macromedia or Adobe for that matter. Maybe consider a simple version of a 3D animation program that can export in many different formats to be used along side some of these major software companies. I'm not trying to cut this program down I am trying to give some helpful advise because Flash isn't going anywhere but up and SCREAM isn't going to beat them to the top. Peace out!

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    Scream isn't really that new. I remeber seeing articles about the first version over a year ago. All in all its not that bad of a program but in its current developement its not really going to heavily compete with the SWF format. Which is a shame really.

    See Macromedia was/is very sucessful at making sure everyone has and will have their Plug-In installed. They are so good at it that new and or different formats are often overlooked ( Except in a lot of parts of the world the EVA Format ,which is like 1/7'th the size of Flash and able to do just about everything that Flash does becuase it is based on a thicker client than Flash, is widely popular and a lot of the reason why is becuase Sharpe- the developers of EVA- ship their Computers with both the plug-In installed and the earlier version of the program. Sharpe gives away old versions of the program as a trial. Unfortunatly though the Animator program itself does not work on machines without Asia-Pacific version of Windows installed and thus most English speaking peoples do not even know of this programs existince. There are many formats smaller than Flash I know for a fact that the ANI format used by Morph Ink is smaller than SWF- FYI Morph Ink I believe was the first third party tool to be able to export the SWF format but before the SWF format was opened the program exported as Animated Gifs and thier own format.).

    Macromedia knew what they were doing when they opened the SWF format. By openning the format the removed the pressure to produce affordable/ free SWF making tools. Knowing that the third party tool makers would be slower to implement the new formats (Especialy since their SDK's don't come out until several months/years after the new version of Flash is on the Shelves.) and that way Flash would seem to be the inovator of the technology (which they are becuase in the maner in which the SWF format is open Macromedia puts restrictions so that they control the developement of the format. Not that this is such a terrible thing mind you.) while still pushing the format into stronger and stronger position.

    To Be honest the comming XML technologies like SVG and SMIL format are more complex, able to do what Flash can plus more when used together, and are free formats developed and recoomended by the W3C instead of one company. The problem is that SVG animations tend to be larger than SWF animations (becuase they are uncompiled comunications to the browser just like HTML is now) which posses a problem until bandwith is universally increased. Personally I would like to see Fireworks, DreamWeaver, and Flash support SVG as export options for those who expiermenting with the format now (Macromedia spent considerable resources in helping develope the SVG Format but unlike Adobe, Corel, JASC, ETC they did not implement the format?). It is concievable and highly probvable that XML will eliminate the need for plug-ins altogether but I don't forsee this for at least 2 years down the line.

    With this changing over to XML ,if I were a company developing a like product to Scream, I would focus on pushing towards XML in the long run.

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    Arrow SCREAM may be older than you think...

    Originally posted by johnie
    Scream isn't really that new. I remeber seeing articles about the first version over a year ago.
    My name is Dee Long, the author of SCREAM. I'd like to set the record straight on a few things...

    I wrote the initial version of SCREAM and the Netscape plugin in a back room at Saved by Technology many years ago. It was the first Windows program I attempted, on the first PC I ever owned, a 66 Mhz 486. It was intended as a learning experience, I've never taken any software training. But when I heard of the brand new Netscape plugin SDK I managed to put together one of the first real Net animation demos ever, on our new web site, http://www.savedbytech.com.
    We got major attention for a while as it was pretty unique, although much simpler than version 2.

    This was almost a year before "Future Splash" came out, the program that later became Flash.

    I actually achieved "Net Fame for a week or two.
    I figured that was good enough but, to make a long story short, the program was purchased by a Toronto software company. They went broke before version 2 was finished, as they left all the programming to me. We were invited to Microsoft to demonstrate it. They promptly stole a few ideas, and modified their browser to defeat our "Full Screen" effect (they were particularly interested in that).

    Fair enough.
    The freeware version is the last version there will be, at least from me. All the comments are true, SCREAM is a gas, but it can't produce the same quality images as Flash.

    We weren't able to compete with companies like Macromedia, they were a multi billion dollar company before they aquired Flash. We never really intended too.
    I'm thrilled if anyone gets a kick out of the freeware version.

    My most recent software endeavor is the DeeSampler http://www.deelong.com/deesampler.htm
    It's a drum loop creation and playback program using DirectX.
    It too has recently been eclipsed by a flood of similar programs. Just having a great idea is not enough.

    Still, I use it every day, couldn't live without it now, and it does many things the others don't, (and vice versa).

    I'm about to purchase Flash, and probably even Acid at some point. If you can't beat em'...

    I had fun developing SCREAM and the DeeSampler, but for now it's back to music, which frankly is way more fun.

    If anyone has a SCREAM enabled web site out there I'd LOVE to see it. Let me know at deelong@deelong.com and "happy SCREAMING" (Flashing? doesn't work quite as well...)

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