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    If anyone has other ideas to enhance personal marketing, please share your successes here.

    About a year ago, I was asked to develop a small game (for free) for a non-profit organization that they could deliver to their constiuency to help promote their services.

    What I came up with was a small, addictive pong-like game with a few twists. For the paddles, I used familiar elements of their services, and for the "ball" I used a 3-d animated image of their logo. The graphics were important, as I wanted this project to be very professional in appearance.

    At the end of the game, i.e. the credits screen, I provided a logo and link to my design website, with a catchy phrase to peak their curiosity. (OK, the phrase was, "Click here to promote your business with a customized game!) Pretty catchy, huh?

    The company distributed the game, (a standalone executable) through email, floppy disks, and a website download.

    Though the game was simple, and not a full-scale adventure, or anything like that, it boasted this company's services with simplistic clarity.

    I was blown away by the feedback I recieved! I have been nearly overwhelmed by the new business generated from this simple little "FREE" project. And the great thing is that most people just want a modified version of this little game. It takes less than four hours to create and swap the custom graphics into it!

    I hope this can help someone else out there.

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    Great job, JabezStone!!! That's the kind of events that alot of us wish could have happened to us. Clearly, this is a prime example of "you get what you give". By giving your services, and utilizing the most important aspect of business (CREATIVITY), amazing things happen!

    Again, KUDOS!!!
    I'm happy for you!

    **(jotting down notes "game with logo-paddles-ball")
    Ha Ha.. just kidding!


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    Well you deserved it!
    I love little games like that and doesn't it feel good to be the "center of attention"?

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