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    Add your opinions and experiences... This is something which has troubled me for a while now. I value your opinion.

    Create a bare bones movie (2 frame black white strobe) with a frame speed of 75 fps...

    Play it in the SWF player and it plays at 20-25 frames per second roughly.

    Play it in a browser (PC) and it plays at 75 fps...

    Play it in a browser (MAC) and it plays substantially slower... (40 fps)

    We can't really blame processor speed when we are dealing with such a simple movie setup...

    So why does it run slower?

    Your thoughts?

    Does anyone else find this to be a problem.... It is just of late that I am experimenting with superframespeed stuff and this complicates the situation incredibly....

    Your opinions would be greatly appreciated....

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    I also find this strange. But make a movie at 25fps, it looks normal in each situation.

    I believe this is just the quality of the player.

    Flash was initially designed for the internet on Win9x.

    I've never seen a site over 20fps tho, so this should never become much of a problem.

    Never go over 35fps. - Even nice PCs slow down.

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    I made a site at 20fps on the mac with flash 5. It runs fine on mac, but when testing it on a pc with flash 5, it runs about 40% faster. Nothing to do with processor speed, it just plays too fast.

    As a test, I also made a 6 second movie at 20fps. On a mac, it took 8.3 seconds to finish. On a pc it took 6 seconds. the movie was very simple so it didn't matter if you were on a fast computer or not..

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