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Thread: Too many objects on stage, runs slow

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    Hi for anyone who can help.

    I am trying to do an animation and at some points in the animation I have too many objects on screen and flash is getting bogged down. It runs really slow. Even if I increase the framerate, it still runs slow. I even tried taking the swf files into director and using director for the animation since it is a more powerful program, but it still slows down a little. does anyone know how to speed things up?


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    it's not flash that is bogged down, it is a combination of your cpu/video card. try running it on a faster system and youll see exactly what i mean.

    the only way you can ensure that the viewers will not get the "bogged" effect is to take a .wav file and import it into flash.

    1. import a .wav**(or any compatible sound file) into flash
    2. create a new layer
    3. place the audio into that layer, edit the audio so no
    sound will be heard
    4. set the sync drop down menu to "stream"
    -flash 4 goto sound tab under frame properties
    -flash 5 goto sound panel

    what stream will do is force some frames to skip if need be in order to play at the specified frame rate.

    say you wanted to add audio to your file and you wanted certain events to happen at certain points during the music. (i.e. you want picture to explode the same time a low bass drop hits). you would use stream so the 2 events happen at the same time.

    **use the smallest audio file you can find to avoid seriously increasing the file size of the .swf. ive made a .1 second silent wave to use for my files when i run into this problem.

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