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Thread: Playing a movie in reverse

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    Is there a way that i can tell a button to play a scene in reverse until it get to a certain frame? For example if i have a transition effect from a menu and then on a button click i want to have it do the reverse to get back to the menu. Any help is appreciated, Thank You.

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    Hi and Welcome to FlashKit!

    Well, you can simulate playing in reverse by simply taking the sequence of frames that create your forward action, copying and pasting them into a new layer further down the timeline and choosing Reverse Frames from your right click menu. Put labels on each sequence and a stop action on the last frame of each. When you want the sequence to go forward, you will tell flash to goto and play the forward frame label. To reverse it, you tell flash to go to and play the reverse frame label.

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    There is another and mor efficinet way of doing it.
    You can create a movie clip instanced ation.

    frame at which you want to stop is y.

    Frame # 1

    Frame #2
    if(movie_clip_ to_be_reverse_played:_currentframe<=y)
    goto and stop 1
    else play

    Frame #3
    tell target(movie_clip_to_be_reverse_played)
    goto and stop _currentframe-1
    goto and play 2

    I think this should do

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    thanks...they both worked, i will post the fla when its finished so you guys can see how it worked

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