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Thread: Flash and Dreamweaver layers

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to make a preloader for an html page in Dreamweaver. I have made the Flash 5.0 .fla preloader animation no problem. I have also made a layer in Dreamweaver (4.0) that functions correctly when I just have some raw text in it - it stays on top, obscuring all the html content until all the html (gifs etc) have downloaded and then disappears, revealing all the content. But when I try inserting the Flash preloader onto this layer, it does partially 'hide' when all the html had loaded, but still displays the moving part of the Flash animation, still on top of all the loaded html. It's as if the layer has gone but the Flash part of it is still fully visible.

    See the effect at:


    (note,all the content is just garbage at this point!)

    Any ideas, I'd be very grateful...

    Brighton, UK

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    Can't give you a really technical answer but I can tell you Flash and Layers are a no no.

    It has something to do with Flash having to be embedding into the page and this not being compatible with layers.

    You may see on some sites that uses layers for menus that if the layers overlap the flash movie, the flash stays at the front in some browsers.

    In your case, I would try using an animated gif instead of flash.

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    Cool, thanks for that. Will try an animated gif as you suggest.


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