..oO(what has he started)

Rules !!

There are none bar these -

Feb 28th closing date

The 5kb - of anything you like competition

Winner most voted for (one vote per flashkit member)

Currently either post your entry here or mail me your entry links

The .swf produced must not exceed 5kb in size
It should in an otherwise blank html page
It should be browseable in IE 5.0 + Netscape 4.0

If you have no server space to show your entry -
mail your composition in zip format to
stating flashkit member name, it will be published under
http://themadidea.com/*your Flashkit name

Entries are only available to Flashkit members
For all entries received - I will publish a link to it from a page


with serious advertising for my favourite http://www.flashkit.com

5kb swf - Maximum
..oO(not a byte more or I'll bite your head off as I download you LOL)

Winner receives a free domain name of their choosing subject to availability - redirected or hosted for a year.

Any more questions - shoot !!
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