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  20. pllllzzzz help me ... very important
  21. what application would i need to use ...
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  35. 3D Engines
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  40. I Just need the code!!
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  44. About: getting the depth sorting to work
  45. Anyone knows Sandy 1.2?
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  47. Blender 2.48 help with putting clothes on my dude
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  51. papervision
  52. need help with 2nd step in house model
  53. linceovr 3.0
  54. What software would you use for a site like this?
  55. Is there a way to fake a 3D image of a human shape from a 2D Photograph?
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  57. complex images
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  62. "Scanr" Sketchup Plugin turns any optical mouse into a 3d scanner.
  63. 3d Standard Software for Flash
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  74. Calling all Swift 3D evangelists/haters?
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  76. Previous and most likely Cull
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  79. Indoor Algorithms
  80. Vector Texture
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  82. 3Din again
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  86. How did they do this??
  87. Suggest me the right option...
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  100. how do i do 3d in flash? really new, any help is good...
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  148. messiah studio for 10 bucks
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  158. Papervision3D
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  160. Papervision3D
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  172. I need help
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