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  16. Flash Radio Player
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  23. How to use the play/stop function in a single button?
  24. Crossdomain mp3 loading
  25. Loading sound, Then having a button that fades the sound out
  26. Video Sound not playing after attachSound()
  27. [F9, AS2] Audio Latency
  28. [RESOLVED] Copyright Law Question
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  30. controlling sound through buttons on MC
  31. Sound Overlooping Problem
  32. What's the best way to put audio in a file?
  33. Fader - gain
  34. Volumebar Component Help!!!!please!
  35. Loading HTML with Windows Media Player Audio Streaming into a standalon SWF file?
  36. Real noob loop question
  37. MIDI controller
  38. Uploading MP3s into the library.
  39. multiple sound volume control
  40. Mp3 Plays Too Quickly When Published
  41. Displaying Bass Tablature In Flash 8?
  42. loading a large number of mp3 files
  43. can't export mp3 files... :(
  44. music software
  45. Sound quality issues - help please?
  46. No Sound in Button
  47. where is loop villa-milla_me-9503
  48. Author of Loop Villa-Milla_me-9503 any help?
  49. Stopping Audio of an external MP3..
  50. speech sound
  51. Creating a MP3 player in flash help please?
  52. Some help please with flash audio on my site.
  53. poor quality mp3 speech with Internet Explorer
  54. can it be done? and if so, how?
  55. Overlapping sounds on button press
  56. Flash sound custom editor - is there a limit to new envelope handles??
  57. [RESOLVED] onSoundComplete - stop
  58. [CS3] Play Sound On Click
  59. sound effect library
  60. When Frame is Loaded Stop all sounds, Play this sound
  61. Squeal, sqweaky noise on load
  62. Audio Fade In and Fade Out on rollOver and rollOut
  63. need sound expert!
  64. [RESOLVED] Tempo - Beats per second
  65. External MP3. Infinite Loop?
  66. Stop Music permanently Once Stop is pressed in HTML Website
  67. Problem with imported sound...help please
  68. Sound Problem - Across Scenes
  69. Can flash load/play a wmp stream?
  70. multiple mp3 set volume etc...
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  72. flash mp3 player track trigger help
  73. [cs3][as2] communicate between multiple mp3 players
  74. [CS3, As3] Sound Looping (Dead Horse, I know)
  75. Theory?
  76. time strecht by the minute
  77. Looking for a "click" sound for rollover...
  78. Audio Streaming Problems
  79. My sound doesn't match the action in the frame.
  80. two/multiple microphones?
  81. Music matches action only while editing.
  82. sound editing software
  83. question about flash volume scroll bar controling windows volume
  84. cpu heavy file now needs sound... lo-cpu option?
  85. 1 Audio Icon controlling streamed sound
  86. Anyone know of a good tutorial for streaming audio?
  87. Trying to create a crossfading between the loop
  88. Multiple Audio Edit points in Flash?
  89. Controlling sound volume across multiple swf files...
  90. Audio failure with multiple players in FireFox (2/3) using FlashPlayer 9 (r115 & 124)
  91. [F8] I'm totally stuck !! How do I Cross Fade Audio with AS2.0
  92. red5 help
  93. imported wav files have slow pitch ?!
  94. looking for an easy way to attach sounds to buttons
  95. setVolume(); //////////// once again(((
  96. Audio visualisations using Flash 8
  97. Night Vision on/off
  98. Anyone know how to loop MP3
  99. [Request] Movie Theatre Game...
  100. controlling timeline sound with sound object
  101. Voice record within flash
  102. soft relaxing music
  103. dynamically creating and removing sound objects
  104. Attach Mp3 through XML
  105. 30 second loops - where to go
  106. Custom Sound Objects
  107. audio for a flipping image
  108. Audio Software for Short Flash Films
  109. Controlling timeline sound volume
  110. Two simultaneous flv's are playing, can I mute one?
  111. Need Sound Control that controls all sound not just one file
  112. Audio Sync Problems
  113. Play part of soundfile when editing
  114. Sound Galleries
  115. Preloader/Sound not functioning properly
  116. Fade In/Out Multiple sounds
  117. were is the FAQ
  118. text to speech
  119. Streaming .wvx files
  120. Trouble playing streaming audio
  121. Streaming FLV audio playing, restarting, playing again
  122. Full duplex voice and echo
  123. I Need A Sound For This Animation!!!
  124. looping audio problems
  125. Professional royalty-free sound effect collection needed
  126. Audio Sequencer
  127. Best way to stream audio w/o slowing down site
  128. Question on MP3's & Temp file
  129. Can't scrub when I change the frame rate!! Help! 9/15/08!
  130. Audio synch issues depsite careful score placement?
  131. flash sound across html pages
  132. Help with audio and sprite
  133. [popforge] pitching samples and exporting sequence as wav via PHP?
  134. Sound and FLVPlayback volume/playback conflict
  135. flv and sound streaming
  136. help with actionscript to fade attached code.
  137. sound.position problem(FLASH 8)
  138. [AS1/2] Create two volume objects
  139. [RESOLVED] Simple sound problem
  140. Frustrating Sync Problems
  141. using free sound from the net
  142. File Hosting for Streaming Audio
  143. Playing shoutcast MP3s
  144. Stop on Mouse Down
  145. Volume knob help
  146. Looping Multiple Sounds
  147. Audio issue with playback of video
  148. Fading sounds..
  149. Viable alternative to Wimpy Player?
  150. Flash CS3 Crashing when importing .wav files
  151. Controlling Sounds
  152. changing volume of a timeline sound?
  153. This Should Be So Easy...
  154. Can i use free music loop in a commercial dvd
  155. How To add sound to an XML based Gallery?
  156. beginner help - fade out all sounds?
  157. Start and Stop 1 Sound
  158. Sound Problems (Flash Game)
  159. how to contrl volume of multple sound objects with in one movie clip
  160. Timing: Sound and animation
  161. streaming background music - evil host ? :)
  162. Streaming mp3 progress bar problem
  163. "Borrowing" sounds....
  164. SoundSnap - no longer free :(
  165. glitches (clicks/pops) in soundtrack
  166. Usage of SFX and SFX Loops in commercial application
  167. Streaming Audio Recording software
  168. embeded flv music in swf?
  169. [AS3 / AS2] Streaming Sound From a Cue Point
  170. Talking Avatar
  171. can i have more than one volume controller
  172. Where can i get 3d sound effects?
  173. Is there anywhere that I can get free Mario sound effects?
  174. music nodes
  175. Need music?
  176. is nesting lips that are synced recommended?
  177. Joining music together?
  178. Writing/Recording an Album with song BPMs to be used in Flash
  179. VERY Strange Lag
  180. See if you can figure this one out
  181. Flash Sound Bundle File (.fls) encoding?
  182. convert from garage band to mp3
  183. ........is this possible?
  184. [RESOLVED] loading sounds with urlrequest, i dont understand.
  185. Audio Quality = good --> poor
  186. Sound Restart/Replay
  187. remove empty part in start of an mp3 file
  188. How to make sounds louder/less loud?
  189. reference to a SoundChannel problem -no pointers in as3
  190. 32 SoundChannels max - also inactive ones?
  191. multiple sounds
  192. Flash MP3 Player
  193. Synching Slide Narration [CS3][AS3]
  194. MIDI access question
  195. Sounds and my Preloader conflict.
  196. Fading out/in background music while viewing a video clip
  197. Problem loading multiple mp3 using one loading bar??
  198. Streaming big mp3 files overloads cpu.
  199. How do i make that one evil-sounding voice effect in Audacity?
  200. SoundLoaderContext questions
  201. Channel data
  202. Looking For SWF Player
  203. how do i play a sound when character hits a object
  204. Sound does not play after the swf is loaded
  205. 1 play button for multiple sounds ????
  206. Help with mp3 player action script
  207. Sound processing?
  208. Any good Music Making Programs?
  209. Listening to the audio as I go to each frame
  210. Using FlashKit soundsfx
  211. Sound syncronisation
  212. Sound Double Start
  213. 2 music tracks playing at once.
  214. Wanting to add sounds to animation
  215. Music optimization/loading
  216. Music changing and 'returning'
  217. Multiple sound problem (not like other threads)
  218. Export sound to actionscript with preloader
  219. How to loop a sound without stopping
  220. Adding Sound to Bouncing Ball
  221. Do You Make Your Own Music For Your Games?
  222. Playing sound streams via AS
  223. Jittery sound
  224. pausing loaded MP3 file
  225. syncing audio to video during playback
  226. decode time?
  227. Random Sound Machine (AS3) Please help!!!
  228. animation syncing with sound
  229. Adding multiple music tracks
  230. Sound replay problem (as3)
  231. +/- timeline sound volume across scene
  232. recording as wav or mp3
  233. Button/volume controlled music needs to fade before loop
  234. Button/volume controlled music needs to fade before loop
  235. Sounds start over the top of other sounds.
  236. Why wont it recognize wave files?
  237. What is the best way to have lists of playable MP3s on one page?
  238. Newbie needs assistance with Music Player Compile Error
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  240. Authentication
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  243. Sound On/Off in SWF
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  245. Dialogue issues
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  248. the instrumental version of I'mma Shine
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  250. Buffer-ahead loop