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  1. GUI/UX/UI 're-design' needed (few pages) $50-$100
  2. FOR HIRE freelance AS3 developer and interactivity designer
  3. PROJECT Animator Needed for Web Series [Paid]
  4. PROJECT Codign needed for flash header for web [paid]
  5. Looking to hire a programmer for small task
  6. Looking for WordPress guru
  7. PROJECT $15 - AS3 Click row in datagrid and change background color...
  8. PROJECT Wanted an advanced as3 loader
  9. Enabling Red5 to stream pre-recorded video/audio
  10. Iím looking for a small group of keen everyday FLEX Dev....
  11. Top Shelf Flash Freelancer Needed
  12. Custom Browser
  13. [RESOLVED] Shout!... Logo!... Need One!...
  14. FOR HIRE Create a Save.jpg Function
  15. [RESOLVED] Custom Clock $50-$100
  16. [RESOLVED] Basic Form $100-$200
  17. PROJECT LA based Flash animator needed for web series
  18. Flash games production team
  19. Fixing The Browser Compability
  20. [RESOLVED] Mod Logo $50 - $100
  21. [RESOLVED] something else for now pls? $50
  22. Animated Ecard
  23. PROJECT Seeking Flash Developer with expertise in integrating Flickr and Mass Relevance
  24. FOR HIRE Small project should be very simple
  25. Banner creation in Flash (AS3)
  26. Here I am again looking for someone ($100 an hour)
  27. A worldmap, a sun and some fun!... $200
  28. [RESOLVED] Looking for SUPER simple ~10 Flash Animation you might have laying around - Will Pay
  29. Looking to hire a flash programmer for small task
  30. FOR HIRE Visionlore Freelancers available
  31. PROJECT Shed designer
  32. Need Someone to Design Simple Flash Based Design Module
  33. FOR HIRE Senior Actionscript Expert Needed
  34. $50/hr - need help writing/updating an XML file
  35. PROJECT Collaborative animation project "Interlude" looking for more animators :)
  36. AS3 & HTML5 Coders Needed
  37. FOR HIRE Free play online games
  38. [RESOLVED] Artist Seeking Flash Game Developer
  39. PROJECT Flash Developer needed FLV Playback
  40. Website Maintenance
  41. Need Flash Programmer
  42. Urgent Job - using grafitti flash
  43. [RESOLVED] Editing of a Flash 8 .fla file
  44. PROJECT Flash Uploader for startup website
  45. PROJECT looking for a flash expert to make a poker replayer WITHOUT ANY PARSER
  46. PROJECT FLV Banners with IP targeting
  47. PROJECT Fireworks PNG to Flash conversion project
  48. PROJECT audio video conference chat application like tinychat
  49. Javelin throw Flash game needed
  50. Dynamic Systems - Professional web and eCommerce development since 1999!
  51. PROJECT Decrypt key [$100]
  52. Project Through 1/13: Flash Production; Storyboards to Templates, publish and repeat.
  53. Modifying/fixing links on website
  54. PROJECT Simple flash game required
  55. Selling Coding Blog
  56. PROJECT Anatomy Rollover, Hyperlink, Color Change Muscles Flash
  57. PROJECT Web-based project
  58. FOR HIRE Need a mid-level skilled FLASH programmer + Design Skills
  59. Looking for Animator
  60. I have a very simply flash job for someone
  61. FOR HIRE Flash programmer with minor interface design
  62. Looking for someone with serious Action Scripting capabilities. Action Script 2
  63. PROJECT Browser issues
  64. FOR HIRE Looking for work
  65. Quick job
  66. PROJECT Experienced Flash Programmer Needed for Game Development in Orange County, CA
  67. PROJECT simple Facebook app using as3... US$200
  68. PROJECT Need flash developer
  69. PROJECT WTD: Artist - Simple Characters/scenes/clipart/etc
  70. PROJECT FlashLite 3.1 Actionscript 2.0 PLEX Client
  71. FOR HIRE Professional Freelance Flash Designer / AS3 Developer available!
  72. PROJECT Need someone to build a simple img loader from my php file to flash as3 for android!
  73. Add a flash media player component to my XML site.
  74. PROJECT Flash menu and links for website
  75. PROJECT Big Budget for Big Job - Top Flash Programmer Needed Asap
  76. What is the best way to have a data and the slide number appear on every slide?
  77. PROJECT "Office Tour" Presentation - Flash 3D Engine
  78. PROJECT Roulette / Wheel Of Fortune Game Required
  79. PROJECT Make my project work more smoothly ;) [Actionscript + Papervision3D + OpenCV]
  80. PROJECT Flash Designer
  81. multiplayer whack-a-mole with public screen
  82. PROJECT Designers, programmers recruitment
  83. Need a AS3 scripter to convert a few files from as2 to as3
  84. PROJECT 2d Animator for Video Game
  85. Building a fight simulation in flash in combination with php
  86. WEB-VIDEO-PLAYER programmer / developer wanted, [Partnership] PROJECT
  87. Need to update alpha masking program that shows different tints on different items
  88. opportunity for game developers
  89. Looking for Artist for Hidden Object Games
  90. FOR HIRE Looking for someone who can create a banner with zip code data entry
  91. PROJECT Port desktop game to flash
  92. Vector image from a common image - for free
  93. Seeking talented designers and developers
  94. looking for job or project as flash and unity 3d game developer
  95. Need help with glowing problem in AS3 - will pay
  96. Freelance Sound Producer / Sound Designer looking for a project
  97. [Paying] (Flash CS6) Exporting images from FLA with mask.
  98. Calling ActionScripters :) Exciting project
  99. PROJECT Established VideoGame seeking UI Flash Developer!
  100. [RESOLVED] Small job - converting a flash file to a gif
  101. PROJECT Scaling Movieclips Function Wanted
  102. PROJECT Roulette wheel animation
  103. FOR HIRE Flash Consultancy
  104. Composer / Producer / Guitarist - Available
  105. Flash game Greenlit, need someone to make wrapper for Steam API! (Paid)
  106. FOR HIRE Flash Expert
  107. Experienced but affordable Flash Game Developer & Graphic Artist
  108. FOR HIRE flash games for sale
  109. PROJECT Looking for a Flash developer who has experience in the eLearning industry
  110. find someone develope flash games for me
  111. Looking for a video stitcher
  112. FOR HIRE Weird export error, I need help!!!
  113. Looking for animator for gaming music video
  114. Super Animator/Illustrator At Your Service=)
  115. FOR HIRE I need help to fix my Flash website
  116. FOR HIRE I need help to edit & fix my flash website
  117. FOR HIRE looking for copy of this game
  118. PROJECT Reliable, experienced AS3 coder needed for AIR project for mobile
  119. FOR HIRE Artist for hire illustration Anime/visual novel/Character
  120. FOR HIRE Music Composer, Producer & Guitarist - Available
  121. PROJECT PAID Build lite duty motion tracker in Flash, then AIR that sucker to Android
  122. Support with iPad interface today!!
  123. [RESOLVED] 10 128x128 wallpapers for $1
  124. [RESOLVED] Isometric lineup $1 per tile png
  125. [RESOLVED] freelance job
  126. FOR HIRE Music Composer, Producer & Session Guitarist - Available
  127. Adobe Air chromeless window for android $1400