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02-16-2001, 05:54 PM
Im a green NEWBIE who has fallen in love with Flash and with FlashKit (even with its slowness)---but here is something I was thinking...(oh ya and Im pretty smart so listen up).

You have got some real stud Flash people here so why not create a FLASH GUILD of some sort that people can become Members of, ($15/yr fee), can have thier talent or skills evaluated and receive certified Guild rank, etc. etc. etc.

I do Web Sites and would L O V E to be able to advertise that I belong to the 'Flash Guild" (whatever) on my site and my business cards --saying Im a 'Level 3' apprentice flash blah blah blah... I WOULD PAY A NOMINAL FEE AND
KILL ANYONE WHO TALKED BAD ABOUT MY GUILD!! (well maybe not that far)---but how bout that?!?!?

That would be Both USEFUL to YOU (Annual residual Income) and US the Users who are trying to get business or just plain more info!

OH BUT! Dont make the levels exclusively difficult because you would lose alot of us and I would not be so proud of a title such a 'Level 0 Neophite puke'... sorry for rambling.

TVance! (Jesus Saves!)