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02-18-2001, 04:36 PM
What would be the best way of establishing a city portal?
news, party, business, jobs and community?
ya'll know them portals that are successful.

How would you go about doing that?
having editors for each sections etc... how would you get to the news and the other infos you need to have on your page?



02-19-2001, 01:03 AM
Do you mean how would someone design it or how would they go about establishing it?
I would think that, if such a site does not already exist for the city, then you might make a small demo and approach the city government, board of trade or chamber of commerce with the idea. There are some free news feeds available from moreover.com. If you have sponsorship, you may be able to buy a news feed that is geared to your own area from a 'local' news wire source. Weather reports, winter travel conditions, etc. can be set up either as straight links or to display in the site as a frame. Discussion boards are popular and the board software can easily be adapted to display some free advertising pages to draw the viewers.
Many users go on the net to search. The major search engines have some tools that allow you to place their engine in the space of a banner.
We have a project in development which is to be a small 'portal' for a local agriculture society. We have a couple of demo pages online that the organization are using to presell some advertising to finance the site (pre-launch). The demo is at http://www.jelve.com/testsite/demo.asp , if you're interested.

02-19-2001, 09:47 AM
hey jelve

yes i was wondering how to go about that in establishing it.
There is the official berlin.de website that is run by the chambers...and I might want to make "not the so typical" portal site.

I wondered where to got news from etc...or if there are any guidelines on "What not to do on a portal site" or what to do on a portal site.

I have never done a portal site and I plan on having a team together with editors, photographers etc...so it's updated and fun. Community, chat, news, what's hot and not in berlin, jobs etc...

I would think the best way to do it is in Cold Fusion? Or Ultradev (ASP) ?

thanks I lokked at your site and it does look very good jelve, I really liked it.
The URL will be http://www.weBerlin.de

For a logo check you can go here:

if you have any tips etc... every one is appreciated.


02-19-2001, 10:17 AM
Heya Iceberg!

I would definately go with UltraDev... you can write, either ASP, Java Server Pages (JSP), or ColdFusion (CFM) documents with it. Personally, I'm more familiar with ASP, so the other two formats are still somewhat new to me. But, definately use some sort of server-side scripting format, for your news, user personalization, and database implementation.
Other Formats available are:

PHP / MySQL (Apache Unix) And at looking at Flashkit's URL, this is what they use (Well, maybe not MySQL)

Good Luck!! It's definately a challenged project!

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02-19-2001, 10:43 AM
I agree with Neelixx that UltraDev and ASP are the way to go. XML is also useful for setting up dynamically fed content.
I can't read German so I'm not sure if they provide a subscription feed at http://www.berlinworldwide.com or not.
We have the Canadian Press here which has a similar site and will provide a news feed for some big bucks. I got the the BerlinWorldwide by checking the news sources used by moreover.com. You can tailor the moreover feeds to select only stories from certain sources/subjects/areas/etc. and the price is right - free :D.
This sounds like a great project for you. Good luck with it!

02-19-2001, 11:10 AM
hey neelix and jelve.

Thanks so far, I will check out berlinworldwide and moreover, berlinworldwide is run by "Die Welt" (The World) which is a major newspaper here in Germany.

Wouldn't you think that a major newspaper would support you wiht news feeds, stocks etc.. for free for the first months so that you can get hits and collect visiotrs?

I have a pretty good hokup on http://www.suchtreffer.de (searchfind) and they place your url so that you will get a guaranteed amount of visitors a day that only are interested in your content you proved. They do a greta job and I know someone who works there so maybe i can collect a lot of hits and visitors and then negotiate about the price for the feeds etc..

I'll keep you updated on what happens here, but first I must built an interface and set up topics i want to touch.