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07-23-2000, 08:36 PM
I'm saving and loading to a txt file and I think I'm going to use SwiffCanvas to do the job: http://www.swifftools.com

I need SwiffCanvas to load the text file and it works using the following code:

> On (Release)
> Load Variables > ("SwiffCANVAS:SaveVariables(tofile:c:/testload.txt)", "", > vars=GET)
> End On

I use the LoadVaribles command to load the text

> On (Release)
> Load Variables ("c:/testload.txt", 0)
> End On

Here's the problem. The LoadVaribles command works in a projector, but not after I build the projector using SwiffCanvas. Does anyone either know: Another way to save varibles to a text file - or - a way that I can get swifftools to work.

- Thanks.