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07-24-2000, 03:46 PM
I have one question today.... so far.... Can anyone tell me how you can peform a Skew in Flash I the rotate is the closest thing I can come to it but its not the effect that I want.


07-24-2000, 04:06 PM
I'm praying for a skew tool in FLASH 5! Yes, I do the rotate/resize trick sometimes too. Best I can suggest is to COPY/PASTE the graphic into Illustrator or another vector program, do your skew there, and bring it back. sigh....

Would love an automatic dropshadow, too!

07-24-2000, 05:32 PM
Thanks I just thought I might be missing something. I would place on my wish list all the toys in Fireworks I love that program but it still has some limits. But Drop Shadow Perspective Shadow..... things like that would add so much more. The effect that I am trying to achieve is a Perspective shadow of text with the light source from behind moving behind the text and the shadow of the text in front. It would be so easy with a Skew!

Maybe some day


Mark Bowen
07-26-2000, 11:00 AM
Rotate your text or graphic
Place in a movie clip
Stretch this clip along the x axis
Rotate back to original point
You may need to do the last part by eye alone!

That should do it! :-)

Mark Bowen