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03-02-2001, 09:05 PM
Next week I'm going to start on a marketing site for my company. We do software and web apps for ag -- so the company has stayed away from Flash in the past saying it's too "flashy" for the average farmer. Although the stuff I need to work on is targeted at large scale processors, or other software companies in the same industry...
So -- I'm looking for:

1) Some good hard facts on what percentage of users have the plugin.
2) Maybe some good examples of flash aimed at a fairly conservative audience.
3) Any other resources or thoughts you can think of that will help me make my case.

My motivation is purely selfish, I do Flash on my own time, I would just love to do it at work. But I need to make a solid case ---

agent vivid
03-03-2001, 07:12 AM
the macromedia website has wonderful stats on the % of internet users able to see the flash plugin... check it out:



other than that, just tell your boss that nothing else compares to the interactivity and engaguing content that flash can bring to the table...

if they still don't buy it... then show them a few awesome flash sites and hope that they're smart enough to see the power of the app...

03-03-2001, 09:57 AM
Good Luck!
I would definitely publish in Flash 4, not F5, for greatest saturation of player.
The MM stats are not universally accepted. I've seen other stats that show between 15 and 20% less market penetration than MM claims. We really have no way of knowing who is correct, although we do know that MM has an interest in the highest numbers possible.

A good example of Flash in a 'conservative' site, IMHO, is http://www.ishophere.com/ . It's a shopping mall thing and seems very accessible.

Another route to consider might be a mix of flash and html. This is being done with often using a Flash navigation and 'branding' setup loading content into an html frame with 'get url'. The beaty of it is that a non-Flash version of the nav, etc. isn't that huge and you can cover the bases without building two complete sites.

You'll find some pretty good arguments for Flash if you do a search of Coffee lounge threads with the search string 'Nielsen'. (Reaction to anti-flash leader, Jakob Nielsen).

Check out the 'usability initiative' link in Agent Vivid's footer. MM has been showing some of the same concerns that your boss has and they're dealing with them by way of these suggestions. They're even running a contest right now aimed at showcasing these usability guidelines.


03-10-2001, 12:49 PM
That's a good question. I work for a very large global company and worked for a year to get it included in the "company configuration" images on everyone's desktop.

Business case strategies that I used:
1. reduces amount of html and jscript (interpreted code) so that when web servers upgraded software, flash always worked.
2. Plug-ins provide more capability than static script
3. advanced menus and navigation can be simplified and reduces the number of "clicks" a user has to make.
4. For multi-language or global type sites, graphics images can be substituted for text.
5. Reduced maintenance costs as programmer doesn't have to run through miles of script.
6. Ease of managing links and updating links...

03-11-2001, 06:04 AM
They went for it haha! suckers! (not really) Watch out for my post in "flash site check" in a few weeks.

I decided to run with f5 -- I figure, if they don't have flash at all they'll need to get it anyway, if they do, they'll get that popup and only have to click 'yes' to update, and they should have an idea of what it is (since they have a previous version), so they wont mind updating... I hope. Again I'm selfish, I just want to use functions and onClipEvents!

In the end I think my bosses went with it because it looks cool. Essentially they want a powerpoint presentation online - a really cool looking one. I did use your responses when I laid it out though, and I thank you.