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03-07-2001, 01:40 AM

A client of mine commented on my new flash site. I hate when they do that. But he brought up this point...

"that being on the bleeding edge of technology was not a good thing. To him that means that we are using such new technology that it might not be bug free, tried and true and so on."

I like the use of "bleeding edge", but I work with people, and in an environment where that terminology is understood as a good thing...might general users (surfers, potential customers) find this difference distasteful or alarming? Would "cutting edge" or a different term or phrase be more appropriate?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most highly appreciated.

Thanks...my site is at http://www.bellatango.com and it's pretty new, mostly finished, etc...I just didn't think twice about using that phrase.

Anyway, thanks again.


03-07-2001, 09:56 AM
Hi Lisa
I would have to agree with your client on this one.
'Cutting-edge' is non-ambiguous and well known. Synonyms like 'keen' or 'sharp' come to mind.
'Bleeding-edge' has a more questionable meaning. If I'm not mistaken, the term originates in the printing industry and refers to the edge of a sheet of paper that will be trimmed off. This edge is there to contain the excess ink that 'bleeds' onto it.
So, while 'cutting-edge' is definitely more common (maybe too common), it does say what you mean in a clearer way.
A compromise: 'leading-edge' = out in front.
BTW, these things are one of my pet interests. Thanks for bringing it up.

agent vivid
03-08-2001, 06:46 AM
as i understand it... cutting-edge refers to something which is brand-new to the marketplace... and it's 'cool' or whathaveyou... it can be in betatesting, but it works and it's using new technology, new methods, etc...

bleeding-edge is something which is still in a testing phase (alpha phase) and it is not proven in the industry as of yet... it is still buggy, and isn't nearly to the point of being 'cutting-edge' because it isn't proven

so, bleeding-edge has a connotation to it... not necessarily negative... but definitely it says that what you're reffering to has yet to be fully developed