Click to See Complete Forum and Search --> : I use the WACOM intuos in Flash 4 , not sure why more folks dont?( and dying flash?)

03-08-2001, 12:34 PM
I use the wacom intuos in flash 4, ( drawing in 5 is weak! gah! I draw in 4 and open the file in 5 when all the art is done)

It seems to me that 90% of the flash drawings out there look the same........same line work, same colors.....
I have been using the wacom tablet for a year now and find it to be a way to really stand out from the rest....( although I may be standing out because I suck at it, haa.) Hey, and please send me links to your site if you use the WACOM.
I am curious, ....please take a look at

everything you see on that page, I drew in flash 4 witht he wacom pen..........any good? bad? sucks?
Any of you have samples or online work using the wacom and flash?
I also did "doggie style" and iSORE, the famous cartoons on
and I used the wacom when I created http://www.distantcorners.com last summer.....
I would be lost without this thing......or am I lost now?

hey and, is the industry dying? A year ago I got a full time job drawing Flash sites with my wacom pen, at 68k a year.......now my office has to close, because they say...the web died.......and seems to me that there are no more flash jobs out there, not even for small money........what happened?


please show me your stuff if you use the wacom to draw in flash! i am curious!

03-09-2001, 02:31 AM
looks like really cool stuff. I want to come back later
to really take a look around.


PS I haven't really used my tablet yet!!!!
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Boris the Frog
03-12-2001, 03:57 PM
Nice piccies.
Haven't got a Wacom - (not enough spare change) but I like my Tablet too. Haven't used it with Flash yet - but after seeing your stuff, I'll give it a try.


03-17-2001, 01:35 PM
I can't even use a mouse anymore - been using Wacom for ages and picked up their smaller tablet

it's very affordable - 120 bucks or so - and to my surprise it works like a charm. I was looking at saving up and shelling out close to a thousand for the 12x12 but decided to try out the 4x5 - and i was immediately impressed.

For those of you still stuck on a mouse I'd make the leap to get a wacom tablet - i know some who have bought them but after 5 minutes of use just threw it in the closet - it may take getting use to but when you do you'll see why you can't go back to the mouse

Plus I hear it works as a great alternative when you're playing COunterStrike online...

03-19-2001, 10:02 PM
I have a Wacom Graphire and love it. I use it in flash and it's amazing how a truely freehand drawing can change the look of your site and breathe new life into Flash Design. I'm not saying that everything is old, but with all the site copycat artists out there, hand drawn graphics definately set you apart.

03-20-2001, 02:45 PM
i got a trust a6 tablet today - amazing bit of kit.39.95 gb quid. bargain.
ironically you cant write with it. lol , could give up the keyboard too.

03-21-2001, 04:39 AM
I studied canvas painting, and only started using a computer at all about a year ago. I didn't think really gestural marks were possible on a computer till I got my wacom tablet... haven't done a whole lot with vector art yet.
I'm just now putting a site together, but here's a portrait of my father I did entirely on my tablet: