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03-10-2001, 03:20 AM
What is the best software for auto-submiting to search engines?

Thanks, John

03-10-2001, 04:14 AM
WebPosition Gold


It is actually the only one I really know of but it works pretty good. Don't know the cost of it my company paid.

03-10-2001, 11:41 PM
Thanks for reply. Does this automatically resubmit on a regular basis also. And has it brought your company or customers up in the search engine ranks. I am looking to make this a career change and I need to get what produces.

Thanks for help, John

03-11-2001, 12:11 AM

There are too many features to breakdown here so you should go through their website to get all the info, but it definately offers the "resubmit" feature. You have to leave the program open for this to work but it has a "schedular" option where you can set the time and frequency for it to run.

It also has periodic updates to accomodate submission rules and changes, for instance I got a new update last night that alerted me to the fact that Disney's "Go" network is closing so they would no longer submit to them and it made other changes to the way in which pages are submitted according to search engine changes.

It has several options when you launch it.

1. Page Submitter (Submits multiple pages to dozens of sites)
2. Reporter (How do your pages rank by keyword)
3. Page Critic (Check that your pages have the right keywords before submission)
4. Upload Manager (in think ftp utility but i don't use it)
5. Traffic Analyizer (I think this costs extra but my host offers "Webtrends" so I don't need it.)
6. Schedular

Hope this helps. If you want to do it as a profession I would say it is a "must have" since the people, at my old firm, who specialized in that used this software.


03-11-2001, 03:29 AM
Thank you, I appreciate all your time and effort you put into your reply. Having forums like this and people like yourself who are willing to help others is great.