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07-27-2000, 02:01 AM
Hi everybody!

I'm working on an "Introvideo" for one of my clients. The project involves about 20 photos, background music, and a voiceover... With the voiceover in place, the movie is about 1-1 1/2 minutes in length. I suppose you can guess what my major problem is with this: FILE SIZE

At this point, the entire .swf file is a total of 5 megs, which is unacceptable. I have attempted to reduce the sound quality to as low as possible, so that the voiceover is still clear enough to understand... but still, the file is WAAAAY to large!

I have also reduced the quality of the photos as low as possible, and have converted them all to symbols. They don't want black-and white photos either..
Any ideas?

If you're brave enough to sit through the download, the movie is currently housed at http://www.temporaryresources.com/introvideo.htm

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


07-27-2000, 09:32 AM

This isn't exactly the thread for this type of question (more suited for General Help), but I'll see if I can help you out.

First, has your client requested that you use Flash for this project? From your description, and viewing the video, this seems like something that would be bettersuited for Quicktime, or another technology where you could at least stream in the video while it loads. (Even a downloadable Powerpoint file might be better off).

Otherwise, if you plan on doing it in Flash, I would break up the movie into sections and either have them as entrely different movies (with a javascript redirect), or as different scenes, with each scene preloading as the prior one plays.

If you need any further help, please feel free to e-mail me.

07-27-2000, 12:19 PM
Yeah, 5 MB is way too big. I'd like to know at what resolution and what settings/program you are using to optimize the images?

Also, look at your sound file. That could be a big chunk of it. It's very long, and seems to be pretty high quality. I believe you could go with a lower quality if you were to break out the music from the voiceover. You can crunch down voice a lot more than music and it's still listenable. Unless, of course, you've already done that.

Lastly, you might consider a redesign (yeah, I know, not so great solution) that would reduce the number/size of images and maybe use more text? Vector art is usually smaller than pixels.

For the amount of motion/images, I don't believe this movie has to be that big.

hope this helps,

ps. as an example of something similar, check out:
http://www.infocus.com and click on one of the "3 reasons you should be projecting". These have voiceovers and lots of animation and are only about 150 k, but they ARE only about 30-40 sec.
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07-27-2000, 07:42 PM
Yes, I have to agree with the above post, redesign is the only way to reduce that 5mb size. I would reduce the number of images since that seems to be the bulk of the file size right now if you stick with Flash. But consider Quicktime.

Live and Learn :)