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The Master
08-01-2000, 04:56 PM
Since there is so much intrest in lauching files from the default applications I will launch a Beta..

The current Beta which is functional will come out as bloatware or around 200 kb and be capable of working on all Windows Operating System from Windows 95 to Windows ME and 2000 without Runtime Files

I'm going to write the Beta ReadMe and compile it one last time.. Note: I have not finished the Cdrom Browse feature nor reduced the file size yet.. (i was shooting for around 30 kb)

Next time I post I will have a .zip file for download..

Pope de Flash
08-01-2000, 05:51 PM
Dont you post again until you do!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
You cant even answer this post hahahaha :) Regards, Bill

08-01-2000, 06:00 PM
Please do. I'd be happy to help test it.

I hacked out my own helper app, but it's a little difficult to share unless you have a copy of VB. :) I've been thinking about putting a front end on it to make it easier to use.

Sounds like you're already farther down that path.

The Master
08-02-2000, 12:33 AM
Here it is.. DefaultApp Beta

113 kb (302 kb unzipped)

It shouldn't need any debugging it should just run flawlessly (but I could be wrong)

This was originally going to be my official release (the one I spent stupidly debugging believing it was my program that was flawed not flash's execution of command line arguments)

But then I learned some file optimization technique's.. and decided to do a re-release with optimized file size and a command line argument for browsing the cdrom..

Anyway the only thing I need to get my revision done is a little encouragement.. So slam me with some positive energy and it may be done tomorrow :)