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08-02-2000, 11:28 AM
I'm testing the JStart tool which patches flash files to allow you to run applications.
However i cant get the LOCAL% parameter to work. (I will need this for when i use Juggler - the flash will be going onto a CD-ROM).
I'm using the parameter:
However the 'LOCAL%' does not seem to be changed to the correct path.
Has anyone else has this problem ?

The Master
08-02-2000, 12:51 PM
Ahh.. now I'm reminded.. I was thinking about adding a
%ROOT% command to my program.. Root's for the Windows Directory and the Windows drive.. though I'm not sure that's really a helpful feature..

I'm looking at JSTART's help file now but I don't see any mention of a LOCAL command.. nor a Print option either (though that shouldn't be suprising because shellexecute allows priny)

Are you sure there is such a command?? or was I cheated of a properly written helpfile from the demo?
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Pope de Flash
08-02-2000, 04:56 PM
No, its there its buried under a ton of other stuff, I think they got Microbeast to help write the help section.
If you email them, they will get it straight for you. I had the same problem but for runing AVI's off the CD.

To set up JStart using the parameters, you need to select the JStart tool and then select the 'Use Parameters' option. In the parameters section, you now need to put in the path and filename of the file you wish to launch. Then, in the arguments field, you can put in the parameters that the file should be launched as. Below is an example of how a text file will be loaded up in notepad. You can also put in these boxes the following keys to represent the folders of the users machine:

WIN% = Windows Directory
SYS% = System Directory
TMP% = Temporary Directory
LOCAL% = This is the path which the Juggled file was run from. This is useful when creating CD-Roms and you wish to run files not inside the Juggled file.

When you create a Juggled file, you have the option to include additional files. These are then compressed into the one EXE and when the Juggled file is launched, all the files are extracted to a temporary directory. Now, if you are creating a CD, you do not want to include 100's of Megabytes of files in the one Juggled file as this will take time and a lot of space to extract.

By using the LOCAL% command in your JStart command line, you can tell JStart to launch a file from where the Juggled file was run from. By following these simple steps, you will be able to set up JStart to launch files locally.

Create a JStart link as normal with Jugglor and Flash (see the JTools section for more info), except use the following settings:

> Use Parameters
Here you must choose to Use Parameters

> Parameters

In this example, the application Creator is being launched from a sub directory called Applications. Here is how the LOCAL% command is used:

The Juggled file, setup.exe, is run from the root of the CD-Rom: x:\setup.exe (where x is the CD-Rom drive).

The LOCAL command here tells the Juggled file where it was launched from so that it uses that as the root directory rather than the temporary directory it is in at the moment.

So the parameters used here are LOCAL%applications\creator.exe tells JStart to launch x:\applications\creator.exe.

Hope this helps, Regards, Bill

08-03-2000, 04:08 AM
In my test i am trying to run notepad.exe from a sub directory "print". I have copied notepad.exe into that directory.
I have selected "use parameters" and have entered:
into the "file" text box.
This fails with the message "Error no application defined".
It's as if the program is failing to recognise and substitute LOCAL% with the path.

08-03-2000, 04:29 AM
forgot to mention:
If i substitute LOCAL% with WIN% it works fine, the problem is with LOCAL% alone.
And i am certain that notepad.exe is copied into the sub directory print/

The Master
08-03-2000, 11:58 AM
Well here's what I tried I went to my root drive and used command line parameters to try and start JSTART.. using LOCAL% didn't work but the documented commands like WIN% did if your having trouble you should first get your command working on the command line..

That saves hours of compiling flash executable's to run tests..

If all your doing is trying to print a file I could help you with that.. in 2 minutes I can compile a .exe that would send a program to the default printer through applications it's associated too..

Unfortunatly some of the draw backs are that this application must actually open up.. though they'll never see the file (this of course could be the same process JSTART is using.. )

If you wouldn't mind would your write out the proper print paramater for JSTART? I'd like to see what it does :)

I tried print%a.txt, print%/a.txt, %print%a.txt, &print%/a.txt