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Voodoo Cat
04-18-2001, 11:21 AM
Ok mac users, is suspect this is a common problem, so let me know if you have suffered the same problem.

Just completed a site in Flash 5 which i have published as a flash 4 movie. (in publishing setting).

Having completed the site i mailed it to the client to check out, they have an imac with flash 4 plug in i believe, but the movie will not play, i have tried everything. i no suspect a problem with the publishing to Flash 4 format.

has anyone else suffered this problem. and knows a way round this.

cheers for any help

Voodoo Cat

Little Ben
04-19-2001, 06:26 AM
Have you use Flash 5 code anywhere in your movie?

Set your publish settings to flash 4 and when you edit your actionscripts, non-F4 compatible code should highlight.