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04-21-2001, 12:48 AM
I was thinking of creating an online Flash portfolio of my works I can refer people too if they want to see some of my stuff, and I was wondering if anyone else has done this and if so,how people reacted to it. After seeing pages like David Gary Studios, I think this would be the way to go. Any insight would be appreciated.

04-21-2001, 01:23 AM
I have done just this but in the process of building my
site I found that Flash is not so good at reprocessing
higher res jpegs or gifs. I know that by selecting the original bitmap image in the library an under options select properties and you can control the output of each image and turn of smoothing which really blurs out the
image- but even this did not work well for me or the file
size was just to big. I ended up buliding my main info and interface in flash and linking to HTML pages with get URL where my actual gallerys are. It still loads kind of slow but at least you see the images building. I did not want to have a separate loading movie for each image either. I am still kind of new at this so maybe some one else has a better alternative or Knows how to Get a great gallery out of flash. Flash really shines with mostly Vector Graphics and not Bitmaps.
Check my site out. Its simple but does the Job for displaying my Art which is it's purpose. hope some of this helps--evam

04-21-2001, 01:50 AM
What I actually want to do is create the portfolio as a projector so that I can get the true full screen mode and I dont' have to hassle people to get them to download the newest flash player. What I want to do though is somehow link to the images so when they download the projector they don't have to download all the images at the same time. Maybe something like you said about linking to htmls.
I like your webpage. It's pretty nice. I see Anja is a student at Pratt. I may be going there in the fall to study painting. Unfortunately they won't tell me my transfer status until after I pay the tutition deposit. Damn. That deadline is coming up soon too... maybe I shouldn't be screwing around on the computer right now... =)

04-21-2001, 02:19 AM
Yeah they gota get the cash first... ain't it always so!
She likes it there alot though. I don't Know anything about downloading projectors but if you can figure it out maybe you could have small icons then medium res
images and then if they want to see it full screen they can download. Something cause i would think people
would want some kind of preview before downloading
which would need to be 100-200k images for them to look good fullscreen. Also flash is cool because you set the resolution and size and they can't really reproduce it any larger as it is locked into the projector. that is if you care about that.
thanks for looking at our site and good luck.

Actually I just re-read your second post-
If you design it so a new window opens when they go to get the flash player they never leave your site and the
download is easy/ only 100k/real fast / and like 90%
of the people out there have it now so that should not be to much of a concern. If they are going to link back to
an HTML page any way then why have them download to just get back online and wait for the HTML to load.
well maybe I still don't get what you want to do , Just some Ideas, good luck.
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04-21-2001, 04:15 PM
As far as I can tell though, you cannot get a full screen window in a browser, without the buttons up at the top. I guess it isn't much of a hindrance, but I would like to try it out both through the browser, and as a projector. Thanks for the input.