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Arni Mator
08-04-2000, 01:04 AM
Hi there....are you really working on a tutorial on animation? is that traditional animation for the flash. im kinda doing a cartoon animation short right now in the traditional way but the file is now 500KB and i have only done the character animation which took me 17 frames. I still have to include the background. You looked like you have been in the traditional animation side of the business for a good while. I would appreciate it if you could lend a new member or new members a helping hand. The tutorial i would like to see would dwell on something like how to start a frame by frame character animation without compromising disk space, although i hate the cut and copy character facial and body parts and turning them into symbols and i think by doing that it compromises the smoothness we often see on traditional animation rather than just TV animation. that's fine if you're good at putting together puzzles although i'm sure that's one specialty that made flash a genius. I also like to see when exactly do you use tweening and camera pans, angles and close-up, not to mention colors like an airbrush effects, again without compromising disk space.

08-04-2000, 09:13 AM
The general concensus seems to be that the best way to drastically cut down your file size from the get-go is to use the pen tool and trace lines in a program like Illustrator or Freehand rather than using a trace bitmap. If you are frugal with where you place points, you can get a pretty tight file.
Battleseed and SIr_g have also posted here about some of the techniques they use to simulate squash and stretch between keys in Flash, and I think they have a great way of going about it, check out the :Battleseed: post.
The limited animation style can work in certain situations - even if it does increase your filesize slightly, you will also want to consider playback speed.
I appreciate your feedback, and will try to incorporate as much of what you discussed as I can into future tutorials. Until then, I do enjoy the general technique discussion going on here at the boards, and you can e-mail me any specific questions you might have.