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08-04-2000, 07:04 AM
Can anyone out there help me?

I want to animate 3d cube coming out of a hole which is the same size and shape as the cube but I am having trouble with my masks.
I have a feeling the answer to this problem is going to be very easy and obvious but I cant for the life of me figure it out.

If you can solve this little problem then let me know how.


Pope de Flash
08-04-2000, 05:19 PM
Could you restate the question giving a little more detail on the animation? Regards, Bill

08-04-2000, 05:24 PM

Not quite sure if I understand exactly what you are trying to do. I will try to give as much help as I can (but no guarantee whether or not it's correct ;))

1) To make the 3d cube it would be easiest to use a vector 3d program (swift 3d is HIGHLY recommended). I am sure you already know this but I just wanted to make sure.

2) Once you have the cube imported as a symbol(mine was a simple cube turned at a 45 degree angle), here is what I would do (makes the cube come out of the hole moving to the right)...

a) Create 3 layers, name the top one "Mask", name the middle one "Cube", and name the bottom one "Hole, .

b) Put the 3d cube on the layer named "Cube" (go figure)

c) Now lock the "cube" layer and select the layer named "Hole".

d) Trace the outline of the cube exactly (it shouldnt be hard, it is just 4 diagonal lines after all)

e) Hide the "cube" layer and fill in the middle of the outline with whatever color/gradient you want to be the inside of the "hole"

f) Copy the entire "Hole" layer and paste it into the "Mask" layer (make sure to paste in place).

g) Now just to prevent confusion, lets color the mask fusia (pink). Highlight everything in the "Mask" layer, convert lines to fills (modify -> curves -> lines to fills), then fill the highlighted selection with pink.

h) Highlight the entire "Mask" layer and slowly move it to the right (using the keyboard) until you can only see the leftmost lines of the "Hole" layer.

i) Now, using the square tool with no outline and a pink fill, make a sqare that goes from the center of the pink cube to the right edge of the movie and is the same highth as the movie (yah I know this may sound confusing right now, read on and you will probably understand what I am going for;))

j) Right click on the "Mask" layer and select "mask" (go figure), this should automatically set the "Cube" layer to be a child of the "Mask" layer while leaving the "Hole" layer alone.

k) Unlock the "Cube" layer and make the "Mask" layer invisible.

l) Now just make the cube move from left to right using a motion tween (starting to the left of the hole and ending to the right of the hole)

m) Lock all the layers and see if it worked

Ok, thats about as step-by-step as I can get so I hope thats what you wanted :). I know a couple parts may be a bit confusing but if you don't understand just respond and I will try to elaborate.

Hope it helps

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