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04-25-2001, 06:36 PM
this is my third post on these subjects, and since i _use_ a mac, i figured ill post in here, maybe ill get a response.

i am scripting an event calendar with ActionScript, and i basically want it to be able to scan a directory in the domain of the swf movie and be able to recognize the existance of files in said directory.
i tried using loadMovie and loadMovieNum in a loop for possible files, hoping the functions returned a boolean value of some sort that i could store to an array, but alas it does not appear they do.
the only other way i can think of is to call a cgi to do it for me, which would not be a problem, but from what i understand Flash MC's cannot access cgi's outside of the domain the MC's are being hosted, and the site is hosted on a system seperate from the cgi server. what are the rules on Flash's security?

swf's exist in wwwserver.myschool.edu
cgi's exist in cgiserver.myschool.edu

this isnt possible is it?
is there a way a Flash movie can check the existance of the files instead?

if there isnt a way could someone say
"hey dumbass, it aint gonna happen"

also, i have 2 concerns i wish to address.

1) if i mask over a layer which contains dynamic text fields, the text never shows up. static text fields do though.. am i missing something?

2) Flash's Date object.. doesnt do leap years! well it kind of does.. for some reason, the object knows to start the March following a leap year February on the day of the week after Feb. 29th, BUT that leap year February only has 28 days till it rolls over to March. no biggie, easy to work around, but an annoyance nonetheless.

i posted those 2 things just to see if anyone else noticed them, or to see if im just doin everything horribly wrong.

a response to the first concern is more urgently needed, but the 2 other points i just wanted to get out there.

thanx in advance,