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08-06-2000, 01:58 AM
wellcome ...

iam looking for agood interface with background sound ..

can anyone helpme to get it ..


08-06-2000, 02:52 AM
Well....are you asking for an example of these features? :)I.E. A good interface and background sound...
Or are you asking for someone to put something together for you? I barely have time to do my own let alone someone elses...
I would've thought...build one yourself was a good way to go :D...try going to the Sound Loops section for your background sound...and as for the interface..draw something original up :D It's not that hard...

08-06-2000, 04:01 AM
ok thanks ..

i found good interface with lightlinks & sound in the movies .. put i have lose it & i cant found it again ..

thanks again

08-06-2000, 04:17 AM
Sorry :)
Didn't mean to sound to harsh there...But, good luck with your future flashing :) Honestly, I there are plenty of websites out there with great interfaces and the like...have a look at some of the other Forums or other threads on this forum because there are some excellent links......once again sorry :D